Five on Friday

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hello all, and happy Friday! I've decided to link up here today with another Five on Friday post to wrap up the week and share five things with you guys. I hope you'll link up too!

[One] This week I hit the Target jackpot. I went when I didn't actually need anything but I had a little time to kill, which is always dangerous. I exercised some self control and just picked up a few things I wanted to try like this Starbucks vanilla latte iced espresso. You just pour it over ice and drink it. It's so delicious and has the perfect amount of sweetness without being overwhelming!

[Two] I also came across this Day Designer planner on my Target trip. I've seen a couple reviews floating around in blog land about these planners and just had to give it a try, especially because it was only ten dollars! I plan on doing a planner round-up type post later in the month to share some of my favorite ways to stay organized. 

[Three] My Grandparents just moved into a new house and we wanted to send them something special to brighten up their new place. I had heard of The Bouqs Company before but I had never purchased any flowers from them. This company is very special because many of the flowers are grown on a farm on a volcano and then shipped wherever you want them to go! They were so affordable and also came with free shipping. We had the hardest time narrowing it down but ultimately decided on these red and yellow roses because they were so bright and beautiful. 

[Four] One thing you probably don't know about me is that I love coloring, and maybe that makes me a five year old on the inside but I could not care less. Usually I just hit Toys R. Us for their endless variety of Disney Princess and Mickey Mouse coloring books, but today I came across this Erin Condren Coloring Book and Sketch Pad for adults and I absolutely have to have it. It's fifty-two pages of adult coloring and the perfect way to de-stress. I ordered mine this week and I can't wait for it to get here! If you're a new customer to Erin Condren, you can sign up using this referral link to receive $10.00 off your first order! Just copy and paste this link in your browser and once you've signed up you will receive your coupon immediately to your email.

[Five] In fifteen short days I get to go back home to my giant cuddle bug of a cat, Minnie. She seriously is the sweetest thing in the world and I can't wait to be home with her. She's always a little mad when I leave for any long period of time but she forgives quickly and I've missed having animals surrounding me at all times! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

The Coffee Shop Chronicles: What I Read In July

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I love the idea of going to a coffee shop, ordering a latte and sitting for hours with a book in my hand. This daydream usually involves it raining outside, is that weird? There's something so comforting about coffee shops, rainy days and good books. Unfortunately I can't get myself to a coffee shop every time I want to, although that's probably best for my bank account. But that doesn't stop me from curling up with a blanket and getting lost in a good book. Here's what I read in July, and whether or not I think you should read them too. 

UnEnchanted: Chanda Hahn - "Mina Grime is unlucky, unpopular, and uncoordinated; until she saves her crush's life on a field trip, changing her high school status from loser to hero overnight. But with her new found fame brings misfortune in the form of an old family curse come to light. For Mina is descended from the Brothers Grimm and has inherited all of their unfinished fairy tale business. Which includes trying to outwit a powerful Story from making her its next fairytale victim. To break the fairy tale curse on her family and make these deadly occurrences stop, Mina must finish the tales until the very Grimm end" - source:

Should you read it? If you enjoy young adult books, and fun easy to read takes on fairy tale stories then yes, absolutely. I liked this book enough that I decided to read the second one as well, and I wasn't disappointed. The only thing that truly bothered me about this book was the lack of editing. I saw mistake after mistake and unfortunately it pulled me out of the story. However, the story was creative and entertaining and I do recommend it.

Fairest: Chanda Hahn - "In the sequel to UnEnchanted, Mina Grime discovers that all is not fair when it comes to the Fae and their tales, especially when they don't play by the rules. Barely surviving the Story's first fairy tale quest, Mina still has hundreds to go before she can end the curse on her family. But a new player arises to challenge Mina while new rules revamp the game she has just barely begun to understand. Can Mina survive the most difficult quest yet while protecting those she loves from falling victim to one of the most lethal tales of all?" - source:

Should You Read It? If you're interested in this story, I do recommend beginning with the first in the series so you get all the background information you need. This is the second in the UnEnchanted series, and it was another quick but good read. This one was slightly more predictable than the first, however, and I didn't have the desire to continue on to the third book of the series. I only recommend reading this if you enjoy the first in the series. 

Insanity: Cameron Jace - "After accidentally killing everyone in her class, Alice Wonder is now a patient in the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum. No one doubts her insanity. Only a hookah-smoking professor believes otherwise; that he can prove her sanity by decoding Lewis Carroll's paintings, photographs, and find Wonderland's real whereabouts. Professor Caterpillar persuades the asylum that Alice can save lives and catch the wonderland monsters now reincarnated in modern day criminals. In order to do so, Alice leads a double life: an Oxford university student by day, a mad girl in an asylum by night. The line between sanity and insanity thins when she meets Jack Diamond, an arrogant college student who believes that nonsense is an actual science" - source:

Should you read it? Clearly I was on a YA kick this month. Out of the three young adult books I chose to read, this was absolutely my favorite. It was fast paced, and a very interesting and different take on the Alice in Wonderland series. The characters were captivating and the book left me on a cliff hanger that makes me excited to continue onto the second book. You should absolutely read this book, especially if it's still being offered for free on!

Three Girls and a Baby: Rachel Schurig - "Ginny McKensie's life is spiraling out of control. Finished with college, she should have been planning her wedding. After all, Ginny and Josh were made for each other - everyone said so. Except the love of her life didn't agree. Now Ginny is back in her hometown, unwillingly single and stuck in a dead-end job. When she discovers she's pregnant, Ginny is convinced her life is ending. Instead of planning a future with Josh, she's learning the truth about morning sickness, juggling bills, and seeing just how far designer jeans can stretch. Her life-plan never included dating again (not even with her too-hot new boss) or being a single mother at 23. Now, with the help of her best friends, Annie and Jen, Ginny must try to re-imagine, and rebuild, a life she never wanted" - source:

Should you read it? This was a very cute story of three best friends who face the challenges of sticking together when one of them becomes pregnant. Although the ending was predictable in this one as well, it was my first experience with a chick lit story and I wasn't disappointed in it. The characters reminded me of my own best friends and how I would hope to be there for them if any one of them became pregnant, or as I hope they would be there for me! It was an easy and somewhat brainless read that I recommend for anyone who enjoys this genre. 

Hit your favorite coffee shop, grab a book and get lost in it. What have you read this month? 

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs #VoxBox Review

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I was recently given the opportunity to participate in my first #VoxBox from Influenster. I was so excited when I got an email from them saying that I qualified for the Sally Hansen box, and that I would be receiving the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs product. I have never used a product like this before and to be completely honest I didn't even know that "leg makeup" was a thing. I was slightly skeptical at first because I am very pale and although they sent me the "light" color, I was worried it would still be too dark. After showering and drying off, I applied the product and was very pleasantly surprised. I used a small quarter size amount as directed on the package, and applied the lotion to my legs as evenly as possible. Immediately after it dried I noticed that some of the problem areas on my legs, like splotchy areas and dark freckles, were no longer visible. My legs were only slightly darker than before, and they didn't look orange. They were also extremely soft! Overall I was very happy with this product and I plan to use it when I wear shorts or dresses to give my legs an airbrushed look. 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own #IDoVoxBox 

Start Your Morning Off Right

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1::You wake up and immediately check your social media accounts. I am so guilty of doing this. Every morning it's so easy to roll over, turn off my alarm and be tempted by the multiple social media icons that look bright and happy on my phone screen. However, this is really bad in a lot of ways. I don't know about you guys, but first thing in the morning my eyes need some time to adjust. I can't even imagine the damage I'm doing to my eyes by beginning my morning on the little tiny computer in my hands. Shout out to the pair of hundred dollar glasses I just had to shell out for. As important as our social media relationships are, they'll still be there if you get up and get yourself moving before you take the time to browse through the pages and fill your brain up with everyone else's business from the night before. Take a little you-time first!

2::You're starting your morning off with coffee instead of water. If you're anything like me, you need a heavy dose of caffeine to get yourself to an appropriately functioning level in the morning. Although coffee obviously contains some form of water, it's not enough to rehydrate your body after a full night of sleep. Start immediately with a tall glass of ice water, bonus points if you throw in a little lemon. Once that's finished, then reward yourself with that cup of coffee. The water will work as a filler as well so if you can't get any food in your stomach right away then at least you can trick your brain into thinking so for a little while.

3::You go into your day blindly without making a plan for what you hope to accomplish. I know that no one around here is a stranger to the benefits of list making. Every morning jot down a few quick things you want to accomplish during the day that way you can hold yourself accountable. Even if it's on a small post-it note or typed into your phone, reminding yourself of the things you need to get done will help you stay focused during the day.

4::You decide to skip breakfast. This is something you've heard a million times but i'll say it again, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what a concept right? Food gives you energy, you need energy to have a productive day. It all comes around, so do yourself a favor and don't skip it!

5::You're waking up with a negative attitude towards the day ahead. Monday's, am I right? We all know about those Monday blues that sneak up on us when the alarm clock goes off bright and early in the morning. These blues unfortunately sometimes carry all the way through Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning before we realize that the week is over and we can breath. But if we took a second to reflect, and just adjusted our attitude before we started the day it's amazing how much we could actually accomplish and how much more we can feel gratitude towards our day ahead.

I'm Bad At Budgeting, Are You?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Budgeting Sticking to a budget is quite possibly one of the hardest things to do in the history of ever. As you can see I changed that little beginning sentence because I can plan a budget like nobody's business. I know the amount we have in all of our bank accounts at any given time, what days our bills are due, and how much we should have by the time the month comes to an end. I keep a small Moleskine journal that I use to try and plan out three months of budgeting ahead of time. Obviously things come up so this comes with its own margin of error but by looking ahead up to three months I can set some goals for myself. Even if they are a little unreasonable, at least when I make an effort to make some progress towards budgeting and paying off some debt then I feel a little better. The thing I struggle with the most is sticking to the budget. Those shoes? I need them for that one outfit I'm going to wear on that one day. Those concert tickets? Honestly, how many times will the opportunity to see that band come up? And eating out? It will just save me so much more time than cooking. I can justify till the cows come home, but the truth of the matter is that I am really bad at creating a budget that I can stick to. I have a feeling I'm not the only college student to ever struggle with this. On top of that, Daniel and I are still getting our bearings when it comes to learning about money and what decisions are smartest for us. For any of you who understand the struggle, here are some tips that help me out, even just the slightest.

One// Buy yourself a small journal that you can bring with you to work, school, etc. If you're ever unsure if something is really in your budget, just pull out your journal and take a look. If you've set a realistic goal for yourself, then chances are you're much more likely to follow it.

Two// Be aware of how much money you have in all of your accounts at a given time. Keep track of your paydays, days that your bills are due, and any extra expenses you might have during the month. I like to plan my whole month out at the beginning, and then make adjustments as it goes on.

Three// Set goals for yourself, realistic or otherwise. Even if you can't reach your budgeting goals for each month completely, any progress is going to work in your favor in the end.

Four// Test your will power. As I mentioned before, sticking to the budget is the most difficult part for me. It's all about will power, I don't need the shoes, or the tickets or to eat out at restaurants. I'm slowly working on learning the very big difference between want and need.

Five// Don't get discouraged. So your car battery died, you needed textbooks for school, and three people in your family had birthdays in the same week. Suddenly all of your extra budgeted money disappears and you're in the same spot you were at the beginning of the month. It's okay. There's always room for error. Pull out your journal and do some adjusting, you'll be back on track in no time.

Six// When you've reached a big milestone in your goals, treat yourself with something small. You've probably made a lot of progress and you deserve that movie night out or dinner at a restaurant you've been wanting to try. This should be fun, just don't go crazy and blow all of your progress at once!

Daniel and I have set a goal for ourselves. By the end of the year, when it's time for Daniel to leave active duty, we plan to have paid off $11,285 dollars. At that point neither of us will be working right away so it's very important that we take care of as much of it as we can ahead of time. I'm hoping that by sharing on here with all of you it will give me a little sense of accountability that will help us stay on track so we can go home and have a fresh start!

Ban.Do Back To School Essentials

Friday, July 24, 2015

In one month I'll be starting my official last year of college. I can't believe that I've finally reached that point. I feel like its been such a long process, especially because I'm a year behind most of the people I went to high school with. I went through a long period of being disappointed, and feeling left out because "everyone was graduating but me". I know thats not actually the case, but I've finally come to accept that everything has led me to where I am supposed to be, and I plan to finish off my last year strong. 

Every semester I like to start fresh with new supplies to give me a little motivation. I was doing a little searching for planners, my favorite of all school supplies. I've been known to buy multiple planners in one semester just to try out different ones. One that I've seen around a lot comes from the shop After doing a little searching on their website I found so many things that I would love to have for the upcoming semester. Everything I found was so colorful that I think it could make any school day a little bit brighter. Here are a few of my favorites from the site:

Where do you find your favorite supplies? 

Write It Out Wednesday: Come Home

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lately I've been feeling a lot of anxiety about the fact that in less then a month Daniel and I will be back to being a long distance married couple, aka the really crappy period of our life that I'm dying to get over with sooner rather then later. December he'll be coming home to me for good, hello best Christmas present ever. But until then we'll be left missing each other. When he was out in the field last week for only three days, all of that anxiety about being away from him started building up and I had to channel that energy somewhere, otherwise I probably would have turned into one big crying mess on the bedroom floor. A little thoughtfulness and some creativity later (no tears involved), and I ended up here, with a finished poem and a calmed heart. 

Come Home
waking up without you gets harder every day,
but I know that soon you'll be coming home to stay.
this journey we've been on is not for the faint hearted,
but look how far we've come, and we're only getting started.
I promise to protect you, and this little life of ours.
I only hope the distance isn't leaving any scars.
It's you and me against the world, just one day at a time, 
I feel like I'm the luckiest, just knowing that you're mine.
I'm counting down the days, until you're home for good.
I hope you never doubt, but if you ever should,
remember that I'm here with you, and always plan to be.
for this life wouldn't be a life at all, except for you and me. 

Happy Wednesday, go write it out.

Things You Hear When You're Married To An Army Man

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1. “When do you plan to start popping out little Americans” This was an actual question you guys, I can’t make this stuff up. 

I politely tell them that I’d like to finish school first, maybe travel a little…which they usually follow up with…

2. “Well you should definitely have them while he’s in the Army, you know, for the insurance and stuff”

3. During deployment: “I could never be away from my boyfriend for that long, I’d miss him too much”

4. Or even better: “do you miss your husband when he’s gone, or are you okay with spending time away from him”

5. “Do you get nervous about him cheating on you” 

6. “How do you guys, like, stay intimate while you’re so far away”

7. “You guys spend so much apart, it’s kind of like you’re not really married”

8. "At least you don't have to work because he probably makes a lot of money" 

9. "What is your plan for after he gets out of the military"  

honestly, I don't even have a plan for tomorrow. 

A Movie Date, A Food Truck Festival and a Fight

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday again? Where in the world is this month disappearing to? This weekend was exactly what I needed, a little relaxing and a lot of fun. Daniel finally got home from the field on Friday night but was asleep within the hour because he was so exhausted from being out there for three days. Saturday we ran some errands early and then spent the day lounging on the couch, catching up on reading, and watching a little Friday Night Lights on Netflix. 

Saturday night was a little bit of a mess, but not of our own doing. Our apartment is located right next to the stairwell of one entrance of the complex. Around two in the morning, I was woken up to the lovely sound of a couple having a huge fight in said stairwell. They were screaming, calling each other names, slamming doors, and everything was echoing throughout my bedroom. Eventually it woke Daniel up too as it only escalated further, and we ended up calling 911, not because of the noise, but just because we were worried that it would eventually escalate to some kind of violence. Around three or so the screaming finally came to an end, and I finally got back to sleep after turning on a documentary about 1920's prohibition. Thank you PBS. I can only assume that some kind of alcohol was involved but I can never imagine a fight getting so out of control. 

Sunday morning both of us were exhausted because of being woken up the night before, but we had tickets for the noon showing of the Minion movie and we were so excited! It ended up being so good and I can't wait to own it, I'll probably watch it a few dozen more times.

Right after the movie we headed over to a local park where they were having a food truck festival. It was packed even though it was a 100 degree day. My body is so not used to temperatures that go above 80 and involve humidity so I immediately melted into the floor. Just kidding, kind of. I did complain a little a lot about the heat, but then was distracted by the amazing food that we ordered. 

First we started out with a baguette food truck. They had all kinds of fresh baguettes filled with different types of sausages and sauces. We went for the hot Italian sausage with basil tomato vinaigrette. It was delicious although I could have probably eaten the entire baguette without anything in it at all. After that we thought about waiting for some ice cream but decided instead on hitting the dessert truck which had peach cobbler. We added a little ice cream on that and my heart and stomach were so happy. Daniel also ordered some pad thai, and then we decided to head back home because it was only getting hotter.

I spent the rest of the night catching up on some homework, I'll be all finished with my Summer classes within the next week, and thats something to be thankful for. 

What did you do this weekend? 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I Bought

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I will be the first to admit that I had no clue that this Nordstrom sale even existed before opening up blogger yesterday, I know what you're thinking, has this girl been living under a rock? Obviously I did hear about it though once I started poking around the blog world, and I regretted it immediately. I love sales, and I hate them. I feel like they're just an excuse to justify buying things that I may, or may not, feel the need to buy later. Especially in a sale like the one going on at Nordstrom right now.There is so much stuff I would love to be the owner of, if I only had unlimited funds. This time around I decided to just pick up a few little things for Daniel, and of course I couldn't help but buy one splurge item for myself. 

Daniel is always talking about how he doesn't have any clothes to wear, and he's kind of right. He lives his life in uniform most of the time and his regular clothes have taken a little less importance. When I first met him, he loved to dress up. I'm talking button up shirts, nice jeans, bow ties, vests, the whole enchilada. But after he joined the army his style calmed down a little and he tends to stick to regular jeans and casual tee's. I found these three for him, which I love. Especially because I'll probably end up stealing them to wear when he has late work nights. 

And of course I couldn't pass up on a little something for myself...

The Dr. Martens Emmeline Boot that I have been coveting for the longest time, I'm talking like two years here people, and finally decided to buy. But now I'll be crawling away somewhere to cry about my lack of being able to stick to any type of budget, that is until my shoes get here and I forget all about it. 

Dear Friday

Friday, July 17, 2015

Dear Army...I would appreciate if you would send my husband back home tonight. I know there's a chance he could stay out till tomorrow, but it's getting way too quiet around here. Dear Weather...Please don't rain too hard on Sunday (it's already in the forecast or I wouldn't even be jinxing it) I'd really like to enjoy the day out with Daniel since we've been forced to spend some time apart lately. Dear Writers...Thank you for being more creative then I am and giving me endless options for new and exciting books to read, with all this quiet husband-free time I'm already on my fourth book in three days. They've all been YA mind you, and therefore slightly easier to read. But I'm really enjoying exploring new authors. Dear Ants...I know it's like 120 degrees outside these days, but please stop taking sanctuary in my kitchen. Dear Neck Injury...I am so thrilled to finally be feeling some relief from you. I know I pushed my luck with my New York trip, but you held your own. Thanks for not letting me fall apart. Dear Husband...I'm getting nervous about the fact that Summer is flying by. In a few short weeks we'll be back to long distance again. Thanks for always making the most out of the time we do have together, I love you. Dear Blog Friends...thanks for sticking around even when my posts get generic like this one, I'll try harder. 

Veggie Ramen Noodle Soup

Thursday, July 16, 2015

When Daniel goes out into the field its especially annoying to have to find food thats simple and easy to cook just for myself. I usually turn to snacking and forget the full meals altogether. Tonight after doing a little perusing on Pinterest I decided to go with something easy and cheap, using just the things I found in the fridge and pantry. I didn't have to leave the house and I when I was done I was full without feeling gross like I would have if I had caved and ordered pizza, win win. 

We had some mushrooms, green onions, sugar snap peas and kimchi in the fridge. We also had some sesame oil in the pantry and a couple packages of the conveniently cheap ramen noodles. I grabbed a package of the beef kind and cooked them according to the package, just about three minutes in boiling water. 

I also soft boiled an egg to mix into the broth. I threw the snap peas into the boiling water while the noodles were cooking, and once they were soft I put them into a bowl. I added the mushrooms, green onions, boiled egg, kimchi and a few drops of sesame oil, along with the seasoning package from the ramen noodles. Those vegetables didn't take as long to heat so they wilted quickly in the broth from the noodles. 

When school is in session I sometimes feel like I live on ramen because I'm always getting home so late and only have a few quick seconds to eat during they day. I'm glad to know that I can still get a little creative and make something delicious with them! 

What Is Thursday

I won't even try to lie to you guys and tell you that I had some amazing post planned out for today...most of my posts seem to happen on the fly, as I'm sure many of you can tell. Daniel is out in the field till Saturday morning so I've had the house to myself since yesterday. I had endless hours to create some good content for this little blog and instead I read a book, watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, ate way too much food and passed out early. No shame.

This morning I woke up to an email from a Halloween store (how did I get signed up for that?) telling me that its not too early to start shopping for Halloween costumes, say whattt?! Although taking a look back at my previous costume history, they might have a point. Also, Halloween emails mean were one step closer to Fall and I do love Fall.

My mom signed me up for this website, bookbub, where all you do is give them your email and they let you know of a bunch of books being sold at discounted rates in ebook format. A bunch of them are free for a limited time, and you just tell them your preferences and they give you recommendations every day. Two days ago I downloaded a YA book from the site. It was the start of a five book series called An Unfortunate Fairy Tale. Flash forward to this morning, and I'm already on book three. These are really quick, fun reads that deal with the Grimm Fairytales in a modern world. If you're a fan of YA books at all I definitely recommend giving them a try! 

Is it weird if I'm already looking forward to next Summer? This ones alright and everything, but next Summer I'll be graduating college, and around this time we will be headed on our family trip to Ireland and London! I've never been further out of the country than Mexico, so be prepared for the stream of travel related posts/pins/instagrams that should be popping up in the next few months when we start our planning. The travel bug is so real.

On Sunday Fayetteville is hosting a food truck festival in the park. There is not much I love more than food from a truck...that sounds weird. But back home in California we do love our food trucks and will stalk our favorites year round. I can't wait to just eat all the food. 

Also on the schedule for this weekend, my favorite of all the little Disney creatures, the Minion Movie. If you've seen it and loved it, please tell me. If you didn't love it then I don't wanna know. Just kidding, sort of. Is it the weekend yet?

I honestly have no idea what even happened to this post. If you ever read my blog, please don't stop now because of the absolute randomness that was today. I'm just in one of those moods and it's my blog so I can ramble if I want to, right? 

Thursday's are weird. Happy almost weekend! 

Decisions Are Hard

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

School is right around the corner, a little more than a month away till I'm back in the swing of a full time schedule. I've been on the track to becoming an elementary school teacher for a year or two now and I've loved most of it. I love the kids, I love their excitement and enthusiasm and I love being able to see the progress that they make from when I first arrive in their classroom to when I leave at the end of the semester.

There are also some things I don't like, but I could get past them, right? 

After spending this past week at the book event with my parents, and seeing the impact that they have as both magazine editors and publishers, I started to think that I might be happier working in their atmosphere. I have always had an interest in books, I considered once being an English major. I enjoy listening to people who talk about their passion for writing and trying to understand what they want help with in reaching their dreams as authors. Everyone was incredibly nice to me all weekend, they had nothing but good things to say about my parents and the work that they do. I have always been personable and have always had the ability to work with others with ease. 

At the same time, I'm technically in my senior year of college. Is it too late to make a change? Will I regret it later if I don't continue on towards my path to becoming an elementary school teacher? What if something doesn't work out?

When I have a big decision to make I always weigh the pros and cons. But with a decision like this I feel like I could choose either one and be happy, so I am faced with a dilemma and I don't have much time to decide. Obviously, there is no crystal ball to tell me what the right decision is or which direction I should go in, but I'm a believer in signs and I hope something will lead me to the right path. 

How do you make big decisions about your future? 

New York, New York

Monday, July 13, 2015

Oh, hey there! Remember me? I've only been gone about a week but somehow even a week away from my little spot on the internet feels like so long. I have so much blog reading to catch up on, and of course a little recapping about my trip. I meant to post last Monday before I left but time got away from me and I felt like my entire trip was a whirlwind of non-stop activity.

For those of you who don't know, my parents own a magazine for writers. They go up to New York City every summer for an event called Thrillerfest. It's filled with big name authors, publishers, people just starting out and more. The authors participate in panels that help give advice to the newer writers and its one big social weekend that help people to market their books and their services. From the moment I got there we went right into cocktail parties, speeches, banquets and more. 

On Tuesday we spent the afternoon filling up on pizza and then hanging out in the bar with some of the authors. I had spent the morning traveling so I was exhausted and went to bed early because I knew I had a busy day ahead of me. 

Wednesday I headed down to Soho and spent a little time shopping. I found all kinds of cute stuff I would have loved to buy, but I stuck to a few key items, like a new pair of black jeans and a couple tops. That night my parents and I ate at an Irish pub. This was followed by another night in the bar, where again, I was upstairs before my parents. Hello, lame twenty-two year old. I always forget how much the city wears me out! 

On Thursday I unfortunately had to take a midterm online, luckily my mom was busy at the same time and then we finished about the same time as well so I took her away from work for a little bit and we spent a little time on fifth avenue just checking out the shops. We stopped at Rockefeller Center and grabbed a little snack at a cafe near by. 

Once my dad was finished with work for the night we headed to make favorite spot in the city, Little Italy, for some homemade pasta, fresh mozzarella and tomato, bruschetta and a spinach salad. We also always go to the same dessert place after our time in Little Italy for some cheesecake and cinnamon cappuccinos. Overall, we left that night feeling very stuffed and ready for some sleep. 

On Friday I spent the morning at the Central Park Zoo. We watched the sea lion feeding, saw some monkeys and exotic birds and went to the petting zoo. 

After that we walked a couple blocks to find the restaurant Serendipity 3. It's a place famous for its frozen hot chocolate. They have the New York location, as a well as one in Vegas. We ordered one hot chocolate to share, as well as a hamburger for me and some soup for my shopping buddy. I was stuffed by the time we were done there but it was so good! 

And the restaurant was full of awesome decorations!

Friday night we had to attend more cocktail parties and do a little more socializing. We went out to dinner with some of my parents friends and had steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and creamed spinach. I also had a cup of clam chowder. 

I also got to meet one of my favorite authors from when I was a kid, R.L. Stine. If you aren't familiar with him, he is the writer of multiple children's series. They lean towards the horror genre (but made for kids). They also made them into shows which are on Netflix. When I was younger I used to read every single one even though they scared me so much! I followed his books through my teenage years with a few different series, and he will probably always be one of my favorites. He was also an extremely nice guy! 

Saturday we met up with some family from New Jersey. They came down to the city and we went out to lunch and spent a few hours catching up. That night we had one more pizza night. We also went to a cocktail party and an after party to say all of our goodbyes. I am so proud of my parents for the work that they do. It is clear that they make a difference in a lot of lives, and it is interesting for me to be able to see them in the atmosphere where they thrive. 

I had such a good week and yesterday morning I had to say goodbye to my parents at about 4AM which I was so sad to do. I will be seeing them in another month though, so at least I have something to look forward to. 

Happy Monday, everyone! 

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