On the Way to School: A Documentary

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I've never been big into documentary's, until recently. I used to find them boring and difficult to watch if it wasn't on a subject I found true interest in. My mom has always been a huge documentary fan and is full of interesting facts about things she's seen or learned from this documentary or that. As I've progressed further into my college career, I've taken a greater interest in documentaries. They are a great source for learning new information and you can pretty much find one on anything. 

Today I had some extra down time and decided to watch this documentary called "On the Way to School". I am the first to admit that I am a complainer when it comes to my own journey to school. I have to drive in the Los Angeles traffic in an air conditioned car for sometimes 2+ hours with my Starbucks drink in the center console and music blaring, well boo hoo me. This documentary features four children in Africa, Argentina, Morocco and India who through hell and high water get themselves to school every week. One child attends school only once a week, yet her journey is 4 hours long on foot through the mountains. Another child has no use of his legs and his siblings must push him 3 miles to school in a make shift wheel chair. Another child and his sibling journey through Africa for 10 miles, with a warning from their father to watch out for Elephants and other wildlife. The final child and his sister ride a horse an hour and a half every day so that they can attend school. 

In the United States I think that children and some adults, including myself, take for granted the easy access we have to education. For me, education was never an option, it was expected. I sometimes envied the people who took time off after high school to experiences things other than college, because I was always on track for a continued education. But people all over the country face things that I couldn't fathom in the face of their education. The children in this video don't complain about anything, and are thankful for the opportunity to learn. Next time I sit down to study for my summer classes, or prepare for my CSET, I think this documentary will come to mind and I will feel a little more grateful for the opportunities that I have. 

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  1. It's true, we take for granted how easy it is to go to school and we don't appreciate it. I remember being in the Masai and watching the lone kid trekking to school and being in awe that he had the motivation to do this every day just to get an education. We are blessed.


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