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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh hey there, Tuesday! Obviously I'm a little late showing up to the weekend recap party, but our weekend started on Thursday night of last week and seemed like a whirlwind of things going on until this morning. So, here's the shortened version of what happened during my past five days.

Friday Daniel and I ran a bunch of errands, found our new favorite grocery store, and had a dinner date at Bone Fish grill. We ordered ceviche for an appetizer, I ordered the salmon and Daniel ordered the Ahi Tuna, it was so good!

Saturday I went for my MRI, which came back completely normal. Obviously I didn't want anything scary to show up on there, but I do wish it had said something that would give me a path to fixing this neck problem more quickly, unfortunately were back to square one. After the doctors appointment we threw a BBQ/Pool party for some of the guys Daniel works with, it ended up being 100 degrees all weekend so pool time was definitely needed!

Sunday was a little more relaxing. We ran a few errands, got some DQ and came home to an 88 degree apartment. Our air conditioning unit would not cooperate with us, it was miserable and unfortunately to this morning is still not actually fixed. Yuck!

Monday Daniel officially signed his National Guard contract and I watched him get sworn in! He signed for six years, and will be training very close to our house back in California as a health care specialist. I am very excited and proud of him!

Today I'll be trying to survive the heat in this apartment while watching Orange is the New Black and starting my summer school semester. Wish me luck!

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