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Monday, June 29, 2015

Lately I've noticed a few new faces stopping by around this blog of mine, so I thought I'd do a little post to help you all get to know me a little better.

I'm the kind of girl who...plans an entire budget and then books a last minute trip to New York City all in the same day (this might not make any sense but I actually did that this weekend...oops. More on this later, but NYC i'll see you on the 7th).

I'm the kind of girl who...buys healthy foods like they're going out of style, then forgets that I have them and eat the bag of Cheetos that I was keeping in the pantry for emergencies.

I'm the kind of girl who...still needs new school clothes and supplies before the start of every school semester. I'm going into my last year of college but I still wish it was my parents responsibility to buy them for me.

I'm the kind of girl who...pours a cup of coffee only to drink a quarter of it and forget about it till it gets cold, then make another one and do the same thing.

I'm the kind of girl who...wants to adopt every single little furry creature I find. Daniel thinks I'm determined to save the world one house pet at a time. I think I get it from my mom.

I'm the kind of girl who...starts a book series, loves the first one, reads half of the second one and then gives up entirely. Except when it was Harry Potter, I absolutely read every single one of those. But I've decided I need to stick to stand alone's.

I'm the kind of girl who...says I love the rain, except when I'm driving in it, stuck walking in it, or basically anything else in the rain that doesn't involve cuddled up under in my bed under a mountain of blankets. Is that really love? I'm not so sure.

I'm the kind of girl who...doesn't openly care about any particular sports or their teams, but probably knows more about them than most of my friends. I grew up in a house where sports were on 24/7, and even if I was multitasking while my Dad was watching football I still think I picked up a few things.

I'm the kind of girl who...talks to her mom every single day. Seriously, she's my best friend. I've been watching Gilmore Girls lately and it makes me miss her like crazy. She happens to also be going on that New York trip I mentioned up there and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Haha I'm the same way with healthy food, I have every intent of eating it but it never happens. :)


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