All The Happy Things

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

+ the feeling of warm blankets, towels and any other clothes that come fresh out of the dryer

+ looking through old photo albums, and making new ones

+ making lists and getting to cross things off of them

+ babies laughing

+ disney movies

+ polaroid cameras

+ planning a vacation

+ seafood, all kinds

+ farmers markets

+ re-watching old seasons of your favorite shows, gilmore girls, one tree hill, the list goes on

+ sunsets at the beach

+ getting birthday cards in the mail

+ new car smell

+ pretending Daniel and I are on top chef and competing in our own kitchen for the title

+ watching Halloween and Christmas movies even when its nowhere near the season

What kinds of things make you happiest? 


  1. I love Farmers Markets, I wish we had a good one here.

  2. These gifs gave me such happiness!!!! ((Disney movies and sunsets on the beach bring me happiness too))


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