Thursday Thoughts on Kindness

Thursday, May 07, 2015

I was reading one of my favorite blogs earlier today. The writer began with her usual daily update, which I always enjoy reading, and then went on to talk about a photo she posted of herself yesterday, and how the criticisms immediately began flowing in. She is an absolutely beautiful girl, and I was shocked to see how cruel someone could be, to send her a personal email listing things they thought she should change about herself. Sometimes I get scared to post things out here in blogland. I am confident in myself, but I couldn’t imagine receiving a constant source of criticism and negativity. The fact that these criticisms come from other women is truly something I will never be able to understand. We should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. We live in a society where women are already picked apart for every small detail of their lives, from what they wear to how they look. Yet for some reason, we still make the conscious choice to play into the hatred against one another. I will never claim that I am some saint free of judgment against others. I am guilty of it like everyone else, but I am working at bettering myself. I think that women who take the time to say things to try and break down other women are hiding behind their own insecurities. I’m still new to the blog world but it makes me second guess everything I post before I post it, for fear that someone won’t agree and will choose to say something hurtful. Every woman is beautiful and strong in her own way. We need to embrace ourselves, and embrace one another for everything that makes us an individual. Kindness takes so much less energy then negativity, and I can guarantee that saying something nice to someone will make you feel 100 times better then saying something hurtful. Sorry for the random rant, but it’s such an important thing and I hope that it makes even one person reconsider before they say something negative today about someone else. Happy Thursday!

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