Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Monday, May 11, 2015

This weekend was all about spending time with my mommy. There's pretty much no one else that I am closer with, and thinking of leaving her next weekend for three months with Daniel makes me very sad, but also very happy. We're all mixed emotions around here. On Friday we stayed in, ordered pizza and watched movies. Saturday morning we got up early and took my sister to work, after that, my mom, dad and I went to have breakfast at Brent's Deli. I ordered the corned beef and hash and a mimosa, I also shared some matzo ball soup with my mom. It ended up being one giant plate of food that could have probably fed four people and I felt bad barely making a dent in it. But it was so good!

Saturday night we shared some appetizers at a BBQ place because we were still too full from dinner to have an entire meal! We also walked around the mall a little and spent way too much on the new scented candles and body washes at Bath and Body Works. I got myself one little candle to take with me to Fayetteville next week since i'll officially be moving back in with a boy. 

Sunday we had an early lunch as a family at Olive Garden and then headed to this little community Garden called Garden's of the World. It's a privately owned garden and its free to visit. We wandered around and took some pictures. It was a gorgeous day and all of the flowers were blooming and beautiful!

I brought my polaroid and snapped a few pictures, I absolutely love using my Instax Mini! Taking pictures of the polaroid images kind of took away from how they actually look in person, but they always come out great. 

The phone pictures came out just as good too! 

This place makes you forget you're even in the middle of a city at all. It was so beautiful and relaxing and I can't wait to make myself a lunch and picnic out there. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating your mommy's too! Happy Monday! 

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  1. What an awesome Mother's Day! I love the photos, they are gorgeous!


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