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Thursday, May 14, 2015

This year for my Mother's Day present to my mom I decided to take her on a date to a restaurant she's been dying to go to for some time now, Ink restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. If you've never heard of Ink, its a restaurant by Chef Michael Voltaggio. I just recently became familiar with Michael after watching season 6 of Top Chef on Hulu. He also has a new show, Breaking Borders, where he travels to different countries and brings together people with differentiating viewpoints on some of the countries biggest issues. He cooks a meal for them and they all eat together and talk over the food and wine. His restaurant has been open since 2011, and he is constantly changing his menu to keep up with his innovative and creative cooking ideas. I couldn't get the rest of the family on board to come with because his menu is really different then most places we all eat together, and we have some picky eaters. Needless to say, I was thrilled to take my mom here last night, especially since I got my grades before we went and found out I got 1 3.8 this semester, it was time to celebrate! We made our reservation about a week ago and have been counting down the days ever since. 

We started out with some nonalcoholic drinks. We didn't want any alcohol to mess with our taste buds when the food came out. I ordered a "eastern standard" which had cucumber juice, arugula, agave nectar, and lemon. My mom ordered a "blood orange" with thai basil, black tea and lemon. 

The waiters suggest that for two people, you choose four to six things from the menu to share. The food comes out in the form of large sharing plates and they recommend that you eat directly from the plates and bowls in order to truly taste all of the flavors. We started with Japanese scallops with soy-cured papaya, fermented chili, and basil and egg yolk gnocchi with mushroom brown butter, and hen of the woods. I honestly cannot explain how the gnocchi tasted, it was literally perfect and basically melted in your mouth!

Next, we ordered salt and charcoal potatoes. I will never be able to eat potatoes out at any restaurant again! They were perfectly buttery and salty. They came with homemade sour cream and a little dropper of black vinegar. I wanted to eat the whole bowl, but I couldn't because at the same time they also brought out our main course, Wagyu beef cheek with eggplant, golden raisins, and chicharrones. We didn't even have to cut the beef cheek with a knife, it just fell apart. I was so full by the time this was almost gone I couldn't even finish the last couple bites, but my mom was more then willing to help me out! 

Finally we ended with dessert the most perfect dessert I've ever eaten in my entire life. Not only was the taste great, but chef and owner Michael Voltaggio actually had a hand in making it himself! Yep, he was there the entire time and we could see him cooking from our table, he is the cutest thing ever, mom said he even distracted us from the food a little bit! Anyway, this dessert had mountain yam, caramelized white chocolate, popcorn and coconut. I don't even like yams, but I would eat this every day, especially is Michael was always there to make it for me (sorry Daniel). 

This restaurant was a little more on the expensive side, but for all of the food you get it is completely worth it. Plus, the service was great. We were never wanting for anything, they were so intune to everything we needed and wanted, we couldn't have asked for a better experience. If you're ever in Los Angeles, take my word for it and treat yourself to this amazing place! 


  1. I've heard amazing things about this restaurant! The food looks absolutely amazing.

  2. How yummy, everything looks so great!!


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