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Monday, May 04, 2015

This morning I am heading over to the hair salon to get my hair extensions taken out, finally. I’ve been wearing hair extensions since December. A friend of mine had them and I needed wanted them so badly after I saw how beautiful and long and full her hair was. I quickly contacted my hair stylist and she broke down the process and pricing for me. They were not cheap, like 500 dollars not cheap. Looking back on it now, it was completely frivolous of me and I’m surprised Daniel was okay with the whole thing. He’s always telling me he just wants me to feel good about myself, and at this particular time, extensions were going to do the trick. Fast-forward almost 5 months later and I am sick of them. Don’t get me wrong, there were times in these past 5 months that I adored them and wouldn’t have wanted my hair any other way. But with an 18.5 credit schedule this semester, finding time to style and take care of the extensions the way that I am supposed to was pretty much impossible.

If you’re considering getting extensions here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) First of all, I got the tape in extensions; these really are an amazing type of hair extension. They caused little to no damage to my own hair, and the tape is clear so they aren’t visible. I would absolutely recommend this type of extension if you have the time to manage them.

2) The cost is very high. My cost also included hair coloring because I chose to do a different color prior to having the extensions put in. However, you’re still looking at 400 dollars for the hair, plus anywhere from 50-100 dollars every six weeks for the maintenance.

3) Your extensions take time and care to keep them looking amazing. Somehow I convinced myself that I could shower, step out, let my extensions dry and they would just automatically look perfect. That is absolutely not the case. They required hair products, blow drying and styling. I usually convinced my little sister, who is surprisingly talented at all things related to hair and make up, to curl or straighten my hair for me. It would take at least an hour after blow-drying to style all of the hair.

4) You can’t wear a ponytail. This was probably the biggest bummer for me because I like the freedom of throwing my hair up on the top of my head and calling it a day, but the extensions are placed underneath and between your own strands of hair, and it limits what you can do with it when you don’t want it down on your shoulders.

5) They are really beautiful and great for self-confidence if what you feel that you’re missing is a little hair length and thickness. However, because they are so long, they do get a little hot and tangled so easily. This is not ideal for summer, especially because I plan on being at the beach as much as possible, which is one of the other reasons I’m getting them taken out now instead of later.

Overall, I think I had kind of a love-hate relationship with my extensions. Some days they were perfect and other days I couldn’t stand them. Make sure you understand the commitment that you’re making when shelling out that much money for some hair. If I could do it over again, I probably wouldn’t. But at least now I’m not wondering. Now I’m off to the salon to get this hair chopped up and colored. Here are a few celebrities I’m taking with me as inspiration for this salon trip!

Inspiration for the cut:

Inspiration for the color: 

Have you given hair extensions a try before? What was your experience with them? 

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  1. My wife has been wanting some hair extensions, but was not 100% sure yet if she actually wants to commit to it. I will be sure to show her your post about hair extensions. It seems like if I do, it might just help her decide what she wants to do. I personally believe if she wants to she should go for it.

    Earl White @ Salon 241


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