Monday, May 25, 2015

Moving… All our stuff to our new apartment! Daniel has been renting out a small bedroom in a friends house, but it just wasn’t working for the two of us to share. Today we’re picking up the keys to our new place (while still finding time to enjoy this Memorial Day holiday!) so I’ll be busy getting everything reorganized this week.

Watching… Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. Such a silly show, but so good for a few laughs and a guilt-free brainless binge.

Obsessing Over… My new candles from Bath and Body Works, they’re getting out of control. This weekend I bought the new “endless weekend” and “love and sunshine” scents. They are amazing!

Drinking… Fruit infused water! We just bought a water bottle with a built-in infuser and threw in some cantaloupe. It was so refreshing and I can’t wait to try some other fruity flavors.

Reading… The Gates by John Connolly. It’s a children’s/YA book and it’s the funniest thing! The author included footnotes at the end of some of the pages to help clarify some of the silly references throughout the book. It makes me laugh the whole time.

Eating… Food from our Blue Apron box delivery. We received the ingredients for flat iron steaks, Japanese hake, and turkey kibbeh, which is a Mediterranean dish! I can’t wait to share how they all turned out.

Hoping… For easy summer classes. They start tomorrow and I’m only taking two online (philosophy and sociology). The philosophy class is only four weeks so I’ve got to get right to work.

Wondering… How anyone survives summer in the south. We left for my doctor’s appointment the other day only to be met by hurricane force rain/wind. Once that quit it felt like it was about 90 degrees. It’s only May, what am I going to do?

Excited to… Get all our furniture out of storage to decorate the new apartment, and to buy the new stuff we might need to replace! There’s not much I love more then new home items, I’ve already purchased us a new comforter, shower curtain and pillows this week, but so far the stuff is piling up in our itty bitty bedroom.

Determined… To get myself to the beach out here. We wanted to go over the long weekend but had an unfortunate temporary car situation. Any suggestions on the best places to check out? I want to see them all!

Celebrating... Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who have fought, will fight or are fighting.

Stay safe today! 


  1. Oh the good ole can definitely be crazy at times!

  2. Good luck with sorting out the new place and with classes!


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