Nothing Says Finals Week Without a Trip to the ER

Friday, May 01, 2015

It’s about four in the afternoon here in California, which means I’m about eight hours late to the typical Friday post party. This week was actually a disaster, hence the lack of posts around these parts. The week started like any other, Monday was busy, and Tuesday was busier. Wednesday I took a final in the morning and then on my drive home from school my neck pain got bad. I started feeling sorry for myself and the whole situation and that only made the neck pain worse. I drove home, got into the house and just started crying. Big baby, I know. But I’m over it. My mom took me to the emergency room. She said it was time we let a doctor other than a chiropractor look at it. The doctor told me it might be a chronic issue, handed me a prescription for pain medication and muscle relaxers and I cried more. She also suggested that I go somewhere else to get a referral for an MRI. Again, over it. Anyways, fast forward to later on Wednesday when I took my first dose of the two medicines combined, and then proceeded to watch five hours of dumb movies and then fall asleep. This caused me to completely avoid anything and everything to do with my finals. Fast forward again to today. Somehow I’ve made it through the week. The only silver lining was that with finals week, the school brought puppies and kittens for us to play with, I even included some pictures for you guys, you’re welcome! Now I’ve got four finals to go, but for tonight I’m writing this post, watching some Grey's Anatomy and probably going to sleep the night away.

Next week will be better. And in 15 days I get to see my husband, yay!

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