My Week As Told By Disney Gifs

Friday, May 29, 2015

Monday morning: Signed the lease on our new apartment and started the move in process.

Monday night: Ate three pieces of pizza and convinced Daniel to take me out for ice cream. No regrets. 

Tuesday morning: Got reminded of how much it sucks to have to pay rent, bills and for food. 

Tuesday night: Met our new roommate, and tried to ignore the fact that our apartment was still in shambles. 

Wednesday morning: Went to Target and bought all the stuff.

Wednesday night: Almost burnt down the apartment by turning on the oven (by no fault of my own, I swear). 

Thursday morning: Watched obscene amounts of Netflix movies.

Which led to this after watching Steel Magnolia's for the millionth time:

Thursday night: Cooked our second Blue Apron meal - Turkey Kibbeh with cucumber mint salad. 

My plans for this weekend: 

A little of this...

A lot of this...

And maybe some dancing...because its Friday! 

Happy weekend loves! 

Throwback Thursday: A Photo Post

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yesterday my Mom spent a majority of her day going through old photos at my Grandparents house and passing them along to me. Since I've spent almost my entire week unpacking my apartment instead of writing blog posts, I thought I'd use today to do a little blast from the past photo post.

and here's to those days I thought I was a model...

Happy almost Friday loves! 


Monday, May 25, 2015

Moving… All our stuff to our new apartment! Daniel has been renting out a small bedroom in a friends house, but it just wasn’t working for the two of us to share. Today we’re picking up the keys to our new place (while still finding time to enjoy this Memorial Day holiday!) so I’ll be busy getting everything reorganized this week.

Watching… Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. Such a silly show, but so good for a few laughs and a guilt-free brainless binge.

Obsessing Over… My new candles from Bath and Body Works, they’re getting out of control. This weekend I bought the new “endless weekend” and “love and sunshine” scents. They are amazing!

Drinking… Fruit infused water! We just bought a water bottle with a built-in infuser and threw in some cantaloupe. It was so refreshing and I can’t wait to try some other fruity flavors.

Reading… The Gates by John Connolly. It’s a children’s/YA book and it’s the funniest thing! The author included footnotes at the end of some of the pages to help clarify some of the silly references throughout the book. It makes me laugh the whole time.

Eating… Food from our Blue Apron box delivery. We received the ingredients for flat iron steaks, Japanese hake, and turkey kibbeh, which is a Mediterranean dish! I can’t wait to share how they all turned out.

Hoping… For easy summer classes. They start tomorrow and I’m only taking two online (philosophy and sociology). The philosophy class is only four weeks so I’ve got to get right to work.

Wondering… How anyone survives summer in the south. We left for my doctor’s appointment the other day only to be met by hurricane force rain/wind. Once that quit it felt like it was about 90 degrees. It’s only May, what am I going to do?

Excited to… Get all our furniture out of storage to decorate the new apartment, and to buy the new stuff we might need to replace! There’s not much I love more then new home items, I’ve already purchased us a new comforter, shower curtain and pillows this week, but so far the stuff is piling up in our itty bitty bedroom.

Determined… To get myself to the beach out here. We wanted to go over the long weekend but had an unfortunate temporary car situation. Any suggestions on the best places to check out? I want to see them all!

Celebrating... Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who have fought, will fight or are fighting.

Stay safe today! 

Mid-Week Mojito Madness

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mid-week mojito madness...say that five times fast. My mind and body are officially in full summer swing, despite the fact that its only the middle of May. With my school semester all finished I could not be more pleased or more anxious to get this summer rolling. When I think of summer, I think of lounging by a pool or at the beach with a drink in my hand, soaking up the sun. My Pinterest board has been flooded with fruity mojito recipes lately that I am dying to try, it's one of my favorite drinks because they're so refreshing! I thought I would take a quick second to share the links to these amazing looking drinks with all of you.

One// Blueberry Mojito
Two// Tangerine Mojito 
Three// Peach Mojito 
Four// Watermelon Mojito 

What are you looking forward to sipping on this summer? Share some recipes in the comments below!

Weekend Recap

Monday, May 18, 2015

This weekend went by so quickly! I skipped a Friday post because I spent the whole day rushing around and packing for this three month trip to North Carolina. Packing for three months is so hard! Everyone said I overpacked but i'd much rather be over prepared than under prepared when it comes to a trip this long. Saturday I left at 8am from LAX and arrived in Raleigh around 4pm. I was exhausted by the time I got there but so happy to finally see Daniel! The last time I got to see him was the first weekend of April so this trip was very over due. After the airport, he and I got some dinner at City Barbecue. I ordered my favorite guilty pleasure, fried pickles and some brisket, it was delicious!

We also went to Trader Joe's and picked up some groceries for the house. The Trader Joe's in Raleigh is the closest one to Fayetteville so I got everything I could think of until we got out there again. Saturday night I was so tired by the time we got home so I passed out pretty quickly. On Sunday Daniel took me to Krispy Kreme first thing in the morning. He knows the way to my heart. The donuts were just coming off the assembly line, they were so warm and so delicious. We ordered a whole box for the week. We also did some grocery shopping to pick up a few other things for the week. One of Daniel's friends invited us to a "water park" later in the day. Now, I used air quotes on that one because when I think of water parks I think of six flags and knots berry farm water parks with giant slides and water rides. This was cute, but in no way what I was expecting.

There was a man made lake, some pretend sand and some little baby slides. The weather was about 90 degrees though and the water was so refreshing and still lots of fun to swim in. We ordered some popsicles and relaxed there for a few hours. I'm trying hard to get my summer tan back! 

Daniel was really focused on his popsicle. We also played some corn hole, which I found out I am terrible at, and then eventually headed back home. It was a very good start to my summer trip and I am thankful to get this time with Daniel. He's back at work this week and were looking at finding a new apartment, but hopefully I'll have plenty of time to come up with some interesting blog posts for everyone. Happy Monday! 

Ink Los Angeles

Thursday, May 14, 2015

This year for my Mother's Day present to my mom I decided to take her on a date to a restaurant she's been dying to go to for some time now, Ink restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. If you've never heard of Ink, its a restaurant by Chef Michael Voltaggio. I just recently became familiar with Michael after watching season 6 of Top Chef on Hulu. He also has a new show, Breaking Borders, where he travels to different countries and brings together people with differentiating viewpoints on some of the countries biggest issues. He cooks a meal for them and they all eat together and talk over the food and wine. His restaurant has been open since 2011, and he is constantly changing his menu to keep up with his innovative and creative cooking ideas. I couldn't get the rest of the family on board to come with because his menu is really different then most places we all eat together, and we have some picky eaters. Needless to say, I was thrilled to take my mom here last night, especially since I got my grades before we went and found out I got 1 3.8 this semester, it was time to celebrate! We made our reservation about a week ago and have been counting down the days ever since. 

We started out with some nonalcoholic drinks. We didn't want any alcohol to mess with our taste buds when the food came out. I ordered a "eastern standard" which had cucumber juice, arugula, agave nectar, and lemon. My mom ordered a "blood orange" with thai basil, black tea and lemon. 

The waiters suggest that for two people, you choose four to six things from the menu to share. The food comes out in the form of large sharing plates and they recommend that you eat directly from the plates and bowls in order to truly taste all of the flavors. We started with Japanese scallops with soy-cured papaya, fermented chili, and basil and egg yolk gnocchi with mushroom brown butter, and hen of the woods. I honestly cannot explain how the gnocchi tasted, it was literally perfect and basically melted in your mouth!

Next, we ordered salt and charcoal potatoes. I will never be able to eat potatoes out at any restaurant again! They were perfectly buttery and salty. They came with homemade sour cream and a little dropper of black vinegar. I wanted to eat the whole bowl, but I couldn't because at the same time they also brought out our main course, Wagyu beef cheek with eggplant, golden raisins, and chicharrones. We didn't even have to cut the beef cheek with a knife, it just fell apart. I was so full by the time this was almost gone I couldn't even finish the last couple bites, but my mom was more then willing to help me out! 

Finally we ended with dessert the most perfect dessert I've ever eaten in my entire life. Not only was the taste great, but chef and owner Michael Voltaggio actually had a hand in making it himself! Yep, he was there the entire time and we could see him cooking from our table, he is the cutest thing ever, mom said he even distracted us from the food a little bit! Anyway, this dessert had mountain yam, caramelized white chocolate, popcorn and coconut. I don't even like yams, but I would eat this every day, especially is Michael was always there to make it for me (sorry Daniel). 

This restaurant was a little more on the expensive side, but for all of the food you get it is completely worth it. Plus, the service was great. We were never wanting for anything, they were so intune to everything we needed and wanted, we couldn't have asked for a better experience. If you're ever in Los Angeles, take my word for it and treat yourself to this amazing place! 

A North Carolina Summer

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Two summers ago I packed up my stuff and moved my newly-wedded self all the way from Los Angeles, California to Fayetteville, North Carolina to live with my husband. Talk about a culture shock. I was used to palm trees and sunshine, and people. What I found in Fayetteville was rain and more rain and hardly any people except those living on base. We had no money, no savings and no idea what we were getting ourselves into. If I’m being honest, I didn’t handle my new lifestyle so well. Daniel left for weeks at a time for training exercises, and I stayed in the comfort of my apartment, afraid to venture out and try new things. I only lived there for six months before Daniel deployed, but we never once went to the beach or explored a new city. The furthest away we went from Fayetteville was to Raleigh and even there we mostly only spent time going to and from the airport. That thing I mentioned about not having money, yeah that probably played a huge part in the fact that we didn’t do much. But it’s not like it costs anything more then gas to get yourself out to the ocean and put your toes in the sand. I’m sure if I had taken the time to do that at least once, I might have been more content in my situation. Six months into living there, cue one deployment to Afghanistan and one very upset wife. When I found out Daniel was deploying, I immediately regretted any bad feelings I had towards Fayetteville and our living situation. I would have lived happily in Fayetteville for another 20 years if it meant keeping Daniel from deployment, but it was too late. This week, I am packing myself up for another mini-move out there. I call it a mini-move because I’m only staying for the summer, but this time I’ll do things differently. I know that North Carolina is a beautiful place and even though Fayetteville will never become my favorite location in the world, I’m going to take advantage of every free day Daniel and I have together to explore the rest of the state and the states surrounding it. I don’t want to look back later and regret not seeing everything that it has to offer. If you have any suggestions on things I should do and places I should see in North Carolina, let me know! I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you guys throughout this upcoming summer.

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Monday, May 11, 2015

This weekend was all about spending time with my mommy. There's pretty much no one else that I am closer with, and thinking of leaving her next weekend for three months with Daniel makes me very sad, but also very happy. We're all mixed emotions around here. On Friday we stayed in, ordered pizza and watched movies. Saturday morning we got up early and took my sister to work, after that, my mom, dad and I went to have breakfast at Brent's Deli. I ordered the corned beef and hash and a mimosa, I also shared some matzo ball soup with my mom. It ended up being one giant plate of food that could have probably fed four people and I felt bad barely making a dent in it. But it was so good!

Saturday night we shared some appetizers at a BBQ place because we were still too full from dinner to have an entire meal! We also walked around the mall a little and spent way too much on the new scented candles and body washes at Bath and Body Works. I got myself one little candle to take with me to Fayetteville next week since i'll officially be moving back in with a boy. 

Sunday we had an early lunch as a family at Olive Garden and then headed to this little community Garden called Garden's of the World. It's a privately owned garden and its free to visit. We wandered around and took some pictures. It was a gorgeous day and all of the flowers were blooming and beautiful!

I brought my polaroid and snapped a few pictures, I absolutely love using my Instax Mini! Taking pictures of the polaroid images kind of took away from how they actually look in person, but they always come out great. 

The phone pictures came out just as good too! 

This place makes you forget you're even in the middle of a city at all. It was so beautiful and relaxing and I can't wait to make myself a lunch and picnic out there. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating your mommy's too! Happy Monday! 

Proud Military Spouse

Friday, May 08, 2015

Are there rules about blogging twice in the same...three hours here in blogland? Probably. But since I was unaware of the link up that Jen was having for Military Spouse Appreciation Day and I already had my Five on Friday post ready to go, I'm switching up some things around here in order to participate in celebrating all the wonderful military spouses who work hard supporting their significant others and their families!

A little background before we get started, I have only been a military spouse for two years. I met Daniel and he almost immediately left for basic training and we've been together ever since. It has been a roller coaster of experiences and emotions, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Now, let's get to the questions, shall we?

1. Tell us about yourself and your blog
I'm Abbey. I'm a student on my way to becoming an elementary school teacher. I live in Los Angeles while my husband lives in North Carolina, seems weird right? I get the question a lot, "why wouldn't you want to live near your husband?" Of course I would love to, but right now, this is the smartest decision for us. I just recently started this blog because as a college student and young wife I am always experiencing new things that I don't want to forget later! If someone else can relate to my experiences along the way, then maybe I'm doing something right. 

2. What branch of the military are you associated with?
My husband is in the army :)

3. What is one thing you enjoy about the military lifestyle?
I enjoy the support system that I've found along the way. I've found that many of the strongest people you will meet on a military installation are the spouses and families. As someone new, I was immediately welcomed into the homes of someone of the most amazing women, and although we've already moved on to different places, I know I can still call them up today and catch up like there was no time between us. 

4. What advice would you give other spouses who are new?
You will often plan things that don't ultimately work out the way you hoped. When Daniel and I got married, we didn't have confirmation that he would even be showing up to the wedding until two days before. Talk about a stressed out bride. Keep in mind that everything will work out in the end, and as long as you make the most out of the situation you're in, you'll truly gain experience that you wouldn't even know is possible. 

Celebrate the military spouses in your life today, and leave your URL in the comments if you're stopping by for the link-up! 

Five on Friday: Hello Summer Break!

Yesterday I took my last final of the semester and am now officially on Summer break! I'll be in California for one more week and then I'm packing up my stuff and heading out to North Carolina to spend the entire summer with my handsome husband. My favorite thing about the warm weather is getting to buy and wear cute bikinis! I'm the first to admit that I'm a little obsessed with swimwear. It's not a cheap addiction and Daniel sure isn't thrilled about it, but he enables me every once in awhile and I check a few more bikinis off my list. For this Five on Friday, here are five bikini's I need want in my closet this season.

Which swimsuits are you dying to have this summer? Oh, and happy Friday!

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