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Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Monday guys! This morning I am rushing off to the elementary school where I usually do my Friday observations because for two hours this morning I get to be the teacher! I’m scared. But I’ve got a great lesson planned for the kids all revolving around this Wednesday’s Earth Day. The most nerve wracking part isn’t the lesson or that I get to be judged by a bunch of super awesome third graders, but because of the fact that my cooperating teacher will be conducting an evaluation on me during the lesson. She’s been very nice and helpful but also a little intimidating. Fingers crossed that everything goes well!

Here is a little breakdown of my weekend. Friday night one of my friends, Katie, came over to stay the night. We met up with my friend Jess who moved to Atlanta a few months back. I have missed her like crazy! We all met up at this cute place called Stonehaus which is a wine and coffee bar. Jess and I used to go there at least once a week when she lived here and I haven’t been back since she moved. I drove everyone so I had a cappuccino while Jess ordered some delicious red wine.

Saturday I went to lunch with my parents at this place called Lure. It’s a fish house and it’s amazing. We started with chargrilled oysters and I had a citrus crab cake salad. I was so hungry I literally did not take a single picture of our meal until it was leftovers in my kitchen so I apologize for the bad quality. I promise it tasted much better then I made it look. I wore my favorite rolling stones T-shirt from Urban Outfitters and some blue leggings. They’re the most comfortable clothes I have that still look cute enough to wear as a pulled together outfit. My dad and sister went to a Dodgers game at night so mom and I stayed in and had some quiet TV time. We watched Billy Crystal’s 700 Sunday’s and Ricky Gervais stand-up comedy. Both were so good! I also booked my flight for my summer trip out to Daniel, 25 more days till I get three full months with my husband! 

Sunday I spent preparing for my lesson. I also took a little trip to Target after completely underestimating us California girls. In my mind I’m all, “there’s no way Lilly for Target will be as popular here, I’m sure if I show up around noon there will still be plenty of stuff to buy.” I was wrong. Everything was gone which I realize was the sad reality of women across the U.S. Target has also made a statement that they will not be adding more Lilly products, but with the success of this collection how could they not?! I ended the night with some of this new wonderful frozen custard and the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Wish me luck on my lesson and happy week! 

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