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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer is so close I can almost taste it. I want pool days and beach nights and watermelons and popsicles and bikinis. And I know what some of you may be thinking, this girl lives in California, shouldn’t she be doing this stuff all the time? The answer is yes, I should be. But life gets in the way and school piles up and suddenly I’m completely taking the fact that I live 30 minutes from the ocean for granted and instead complaining that it’s “too far” to drive. Excuse me while I give myself one major face palm. In three-ish weeks ill be packing up my stuff and going to spend the summer in North Carolina with Daniel. I am 99 percent thrilled that Daniel and I will get three uninterrupted months together, and 1 percent bummed that the place we’ll be spending it is Fayetteville. To make up for the crappy location, I’ve decided to make a list of all the places on the east coast and in the south that I’d like to visit during long weekends, etc. Daniel will be working so much during the week but I want to make the most of his off days. Here’s my list of east coast/southern cities that I hope to get around to seeing this summer!

>> One – Washington D.C.
>> Two – Savannah, GA
>> Three – Myrtle Beach, SC
>> Four – Charleston, SC
>> Five – New York City, NY (I’ve done this one before, I just really love the city)
>> Six – Outer Banks, NC
>> Seven – Daytona, FL (My wonderful grandparents are building a house in the St. Augustine area, hello Florida vaca!)

Chances are I will probably only see maybe three of these places this summer, but I might as well shoot big and see where it gets me. We will only be about 2 hours from the beach anyway so I plan to nicely ask beg Daniel to take me there every single weekend.

If any of you have suggestions on other places worth visiting I would love to hear them! And, just because I've got summer on the brain, I'm linking this grapefruit mojito summer cocktail recipe, which comes from Iowa Girl Eats. How amazing does this look?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. That grapefruit mojito looks delicious! Gonna have to try it out...!


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