New Orleans Recap: Part Two

Thursday, April 09, 2015

We got a much later start to our day on Sunday after our busy Saturday. Our morning started with, you guessed it, more beignets at Café Beignet. Followed by a little walking, a frozen daiquiri, more crawfish and some chargrilled oysters with garlic aioli.

We had lunch at the French Market Restaurant and Bar, and as good as the food was, the seafood we had the previous day at the little French Market kiosk was better. Since it was Easter we got to watch the Easter parade and did a little more exploring around the city. We hit Jackson Square Park again because its just such a pretty, welcoming place and everyone was dressed up so nicely for the holiday. After a few hours of being out, we went back to the hotel for a little rest and some movies.

By the time dinner rolled around, Daniel and I were craving something that wasn’t seafood. I did a quick Google search and found a place called Domenica, which was inside the Roosevelt Hotel. It was an Italian place and looked amazing so I made us a reservation and we headed over around 5:00pm for an early dinner. It was such a pretty, welcoming place. It was also the cleanest place I think we found in the entire city.

We got our table immediately and ordered some drinks. I got another Pimm’s Cup and Daniel had a beer. For our meal, Daniel ordered a lamb shank and I ordered an arugula and prosciutto pizza. It was literally amazing! For dessert we ordered something that I cannot think of the name right now, but it had strawberries, whipped white chocolate, and some kind of other whipped cream that tasted like wine and cool whip. It was so creamy and delicious and I wish I could have it every day.

It started raining on us on our walk back to our hotel but it was warm outside and only a light rain so we didn’t mind. There was a jazz performance being held in our hotel bar, so after changing into dry clothes we went down to the bar, got a drink, and listened to some music. I have a French 75, which is a mix of gin, lemon, and champagne. It was good but I’ve decided that I’m not really a champagne person.

Our airport shuttle was coming at 3:45 the next morning, so we ended the night somewhat early so we could get a little sleep before our flights. Overall the whole weekend was so nice. The city had its ups and downs and I’m so glad I got to experience something so new.

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