I'm a Pro at Procrastinating

Saturday, April 11, 2015

There’s not much I’m better at then procrastinating. Personally, I think it’s one of my most annoying qualities, but for some reason I just can’t convince myself to start something as soon as it’s given to me. What is homework compared to Pinterest, blog reading, eating, sleeping, or Netflix? Also, there’s my family who is just about the most unhelpful when it comes to not procrastinating. There is constantly something going on in my house, kitchen sounds, TV noises, dogs barking, not only is it distracting but all the happy sounds of our home tear me away from the things I really need to do. However, I am three weeks away from the end of my semester. I have a to-do list that reads longer then the novel I have to read for my English course, and enough anxiety to make even the most level headed person uncomfortable. But for some reason, I’m here, writing this blog post and once again ignoring all of my responsibilities. What is wrong with me? I guess it’s the fact that my procrastination has never really been an issue for me. I always get my stuff done, and maybe I thrive off of the pressure of the whole ordeal. Although my actions have fully embraced my procrastinator attitude, I don’t think my brain has. By this, I mean that when I do get an assignment, I organize myself like it’s my day job. I buy the materials, I make a general plan (in my head) and then I move onto something else, let it sit for three weeks and then go into overdrive mode when its due in two days. Is this healthy college student behavior? Maybe not, but that senior year is right around the corner and its been working for me so far, so I guess I just shouldn’t question the process and let the chips fall where they may.

How do you handle problems with procrastination?

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