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Friday, April 24, 2015

Yesterday I saw this post on The Daily Tay, one of my favorite reads out there in the blogosphere. I thought I would use this Five on Friday to take a little time and write my own letters to me. It was so fun to think back on these different stages in my life, some of course better then others. If you could write a letter to yourself at any age, what would you say?

Dear four-year-old,

Eating that entire bag of Flintstone vitamins your mom packed you for your weekend away will not make her come pick you up sooner. In fact, while everyone else is calling poison control on you, she’s just going to laugh.

By the way…mom also wont let you name our new little sister Nala after our favorite Disney movie. Despite our creative differences, mom will still become our best friend.

Dear six-year-old,

Take a damn nap. Take one at school, take one at daycare, and take one at recess. Fit as many naps in as possible because you will miss them, and you will regret those days when you pretended to sleep instead of actually sleeping.

Dear ten-year-old,

You will get past that awkward stage. Your head will eventually be the right size to match your teeth, and you’ll grow into your “elf” ears, I promise.

Also, ask your mom to buy you longer jeans. They do make them. That denim that just barely reaches your ankles really shouldn’t be a thing, and to be honest its just not going to cut it. 

Dear sixteen-year-old,

You just moved to Los Angeles, California. Embrace it and ultimately you will realize that getting out of Cincinnati, Ohio at an early age was the best thing your parents could have done for you.

Also, go to the beach everyday…for the rest of your life. Seriously.

Dear twenty-two- year- old,

Smile more. Be grateful and take a second to look around at all the beautiful things surrounding you. Graduation is right around the corner, so put your best into finishing this last year of school with a bang. Stop worrying about making your life look like something, and start actually making it something.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Take a damn nap! HAHA! That part is awesome--I loved this!


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