Baby [Fashion] Fever

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My husband has the absolute worst baby fever, like ever. On a daily basis he asks me if we can have a baby at least once, if not more. When we see babies out in public he immediately gravitates towards them, and then his asking turns to begging. Now I am all about babies. I have been a nanny off and on since I was old enough to stay on my own. However, I’m so close to graduating college and Daniel still lives in another state. Throwing a baby into that mix sounds like a recipe for disaster, and I’m thankful that even though Daniel wants a baby right now, he and I are on the same page that it’s the best decision for us right now to wait. I don’t plan on waiting forever though. The program that I’m in for school is a dual program where I will receive both my bachelors and my teaching credential all wrapped into one tiny little package. It’s very important to me that I finish this program because I’ve put so much time and energy into getting to this point. Daniel supports me one hundred and fifty percent in this and he is honestly the leader of my fan club on most days when I’m not feeling entirely motivated. On the other hand, I’m so excited to get to that point in my life where I’m ready to be a mom. Many people might read this and think what I'm saying is so ridiculous because I’m 22 and should be out being young and enjoying my freedom. But my life has always been centered on my family and I know that’s something that will continue as I get older. The only thing I really want to do besides finishing my degree is to travel to Europe. My parents and Daniel I have already started making plans to go on a big trip right after graduation, so I think ill be able to check that one off of my list pretty easily.

I digress.

Somehow, I keep starting these posts with the clearest of intentions, only to ramble on for 15 minutes before I realize that I’ve completely missed the mark and should probably get myself back on track. What I really wanted to share, was how my husband has baby fever, and how I have baby clothing fever. I see all these cute tiny humans on Pinterest that are more hipster then most adults I know, and they honestly couldn’t make me any happier. Here are some of my favorite little munchkins from Pinterest who obviously have the most perfect parents on the planet who buy them all the cute little baby clothes. I have every intention of becoming one of these parents, thank you Pinterest for all the inspiration, you never disappoint.

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