A Blonde Walked into a Barre

Monday, April 13, 2015

This weekend I took my first ever Studio Barre class. I made it through the warm up, cried a little and went home…just kidding, mostly. I used to nanny for this amazing family with two wonderful boys. Their mom worked for a skin care company and she designed their packaging, eventually she decided she wanted to work closer to home and combined her very talented work skills, with a love for working out and opened a Studio Barre location five minutes from their house. It’s been open for months and I haven’t found the time to get over there until this weekend, and I am so glad that I did! The class kicked my butt. I’ve never been the most athletically inclined or physically fit. I am very skinny but also very short, so mostly proportional to my size, however, I am very inactive due to my busy school schedule and even the smallest physical activity wears me out! I want to change that, so this weekend I finally got some actual use out of my very expensive Victoria’s Secret workout leggings. They usually get worn to run out to the grocery store or to lounge around the house so I’m sure that they were shocked to be used for their actual purpose of working out. The instructor was amazing. She was completely aware of the fact that I am beyond a beginner. I also have a slight neck injury due to falling down the stairs, but that’s a story for another post. I really needed to move at my own pace for most of the activities and I was so nervous going into the class. Most instructors say that their classes are welcoming to people at all levels, and then they end up flying through the workout at superman speed for all those pros. This instructor was really wonderful though and I was so thrilled with this experience that I’m signed up for another class tomorrow.

What started out as a weekend recap post somehow turned into a Studio Barre review, so back to scheduled programing.

After the class I thought I would be full of energy and ready to take on the day, but my body was so completely exhausted because this is the most activity that it’s had in months, and I proceeded to climb into bed and watch Parenthood on Netflix for a solid 5 hours straight. I also threw in a little trip to the fridge for a Trader Joe's salad that was waiting for me, it was wonderful...What was I saying the other day about procrastination?

That night I had a sleepover with our cute Chihuahua because my parents were out of town and usually he sleeps with my mom. He’s quite the cuddle bug. For dinner I made Zucchini Pizza’s from Simply Taralynn, which you can find the recipe for here. They were so good and so easy to make. Also much higher on the healthy scale then actual pizza which I would have regretted after my morning activities.

Yesterday I woke up and immediately regretted all that I did on Saturday, which was supposed to be “good” for me. What’s good about barely being able to sit up in the morning? Not much. However, there is something satisfying about being sore. With every step it’s a constant reminder that I was active and at least the idea of that seems pretty good. I spent the rest of the day working on homework, finally. I had to create a health lesson that I will be teaching to the third graders that I observe every week. With Earth Day coming up, I went for a lesson on the 3R’s and found some awesome stuff on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s for free that went along perfectly with the lesson plan. I’m really excited but also pretty nervous to teach it all on my own. We’ve spent all semester doing lesson plans but they were all just ideas and now this one actually get’s to be put to use. Finger’s crossed that it all goes smoothly. I took a small homework break to go out to lunch with my little sister for some soup and salad at Olive Garden, mmm, I love me some breadsticks. After our little outing it was back to the grind. I finished up the lesson plan, organized a resource binder and got stuck on some English homework that Daniel was able to help me work through over Skype. Usually English is my area of expertise, but this linguistics class is out to get me. It’s all equations and truth tables. I was pretty sure I signed up for English, not Math and I’m honestly horrified that they could ever show up in the same class.

I finally ended the night with a taco bell quesadilla that I’ll be working off at the next Studio Barre class. No shame. 

Today I'm linking up for Mingle Monday!

Happy Monday loves. 

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