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Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday morning we meet again, this time on much better circumstances because today it’s 8 in the morning and I’m still tucked away under my blankets with coffee in hand and the TV on. But am I sick? Nope! Today, my one and only Monday morning class has been canceled and that, my friends, is reason enough to celebrate. And by celebrate I mean eat anything I want and binge watch shows on Netflix so I can pretend my responsibilities don’t exist. Just kidding, kind of. Anyways, this weekend was relatively uneventful but still nice. I spent Friday night at dinner with the family, we had BBQ, which isn’t high on my list of favorite types of food, but it was still good.

Saturday I followed Chopper, our Chihuahua, around the backyard and we did a little exploring. Little did I know that my backyard was filled with the most beautiful and colorful flowers. Plus, Chopper is pretty cute too. Saturday afternoon my best friend in the world, Maia, got an acceptance letter to transfer to her dream school so Saturday night my sister Ryan and I put on our dancing shoes and took Maia out to celebrate. We went to Borderline, a small neighborhood country bar. We two-stepped, line danced, and overall out-awkwarded one another on the dance floor. It was great.

Little sister - Ryan. 

   Best friend - Maia.

After rolling in from the bar around 2AM, my Sunday was relatively uneventful. Even Chopper knew it was going to be a lazy day, in fact he didn’t even bother getting up before 11 in the morning. Lately my allergies have been out of control so sleeping has been miserable, but I spent the day in my pj’s watching ABC Family’s Sunday funday filled with a few of my favorite Disney movies. No shame.

We ended our night with some beer can chicken, stuffed mushrooms, baked potato casserole and a baguette. Sometimes theres nothing better then my mama's cooking. Happy week lovelies! 

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