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Friday, March 20, 2015

Today I’m participating in my first link up with A. Liz Adventures! Here are five things making my heart particularly happy this Friday morning.

One// #wearyellowforseth, heard of it? If not, head over to ourlittlehero and read the sweet, if not somewhat heartbreaking story about Seth who is five years old and battling Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. All his family is asking for is that people put on a little yellow (Seth’s favorite color) and post a picture of yourself on one of your social media accounts so he can see how many people are thinking about him as he prepares for another surgery. Make sure to hashtag #wearyellowforseth so his parents can see all the wonderful pictures!

Two// These banana chocolate chip pancakes. The end. I’m going to make them this weekend, or at least ask someone nicely to make them for me. Any takers? I’ll share…

Three// Although I am not, nor do I really want to be a PE teacher (for the sake of the children, not myself), this week I had to create and implement my own fourth grade PE lesson to one of my college classes! It went smoothly and aside from a few small corrections I am pretty thrilled with myself for how it all went over. Especially considering my lack of participation when I was actually a student in a PE class.

Four// I have been all about these amethyst crystals lately. I did a quick little Pinterest search and found this beautiful DIY amethyst mirror. I see a trip to Michael’s in my very near future.

Five// Daniel and I have gone back and fourth for months about “possibilities” for our future after he finishes up his Army contract in December. We finally have a real life plan, which most importantly includes him coming home to me for good. 9 more months in counting!

Happy weekending!

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