Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What does one very rough weekend and a long day ahead equal? A not so great blog post. But for now, it's all I've got in me. After a little blog stalking I saw this post in endless forms so here's my own little try.

Currently I am...

Watching…Boy Meets World re-runs on ABC family. Corey & Topanga forever.

Excited…That Daniel got final confirmation of his pass being approved for this weekends trip! Trying to plan a weekend around a military schedule can be so nerve wracking but we are a go.

Annoyed…that I spent an entire weekend with a cold topped with a big heaping spoonful of allergies.

Super excited about…My new Joy Mangano luggage and first ever HSN purchase.

Obsessed…with this bb tinted moisturizer. I just purchased it for the third time which is a solid two more times then I’ve purchased any other face makeup in a row.

Craving…so many sweets. I actually bought mini cookies from the Mrs. Fields kiosk in the mall today, what is bikini season?

Embracing…the heat. Sometimes I start to complain that our 90-degree weather is too hot, and then I see the weather report that it snowed again on the East Coast and it shuts my mouth right up.

Wondering…what the weather is going to be like in New Orleans this weekend. I’ve been checking consistently for the past 10 days month, and it changes every single day. How’s a girl supposed to plan any outfits?

Wishing…that our precious kitty will feel better soon. It was a weekend of bad vet news at our house, and were holding out and hoping for the best.

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