An Accidental Blog Break

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

How is it even possible that it's been almost a month since my last blog post? It makes me sad because I always feel like I'm missing out on something when I haven't had time to post in awhile. At the same time, my past couple of weeks have been so busy, but so good. As much as I would love to walk you through every detail since my last blog post, I figured a little picture update would be in the best interest of everyone, so here we go.

Daniel and I moved into our tiny perfect apartment, I caught the cat rolling around on our brand new rug, she looks like she's in trouble. Excuse our mess.

After surviving the 40 hours of black Friday work week, Daniel and I tried out a little pub near our apartment. We had bloody mary's, cheese curds, fish tacos and nachos, helllllooo heaven.

It took all of one week in the new place before we picked out a Christmas tree and decorations.

When the Target dollar section has mini-stockings, even the cat gets one. 

This past weekend I avoided all responsibilities regarding finals week and spent the weekend in Palm Springs enjoying family time. 

And margaritas, I definitely enjoyed the margaritas. 

That last picture brings us up to now, its finals week and I'm officially one semester away from graduating college. I'd say that's a pretty good mid-week reason to celebrate. One day of finals down, two to go. Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

And Just Like That, It's Over

Monday, November 16, 2015

After I typed in that title I realized that I made this post sound really over-dramatic and probably like I was going to write about something bad. But actually, this is a good post. A very happy, very celebratory post. Because this weekend I got my husband back. He flew in on Saturday night, and then I had work and a 12 page paper to write that didn't actually get done. It only makes logical sense then that I'm writing this post instead of finishing up my paper, right? Right.

Anyway, so the "just like that, its over" title happens to pertain to the fact that we are officially no longer a long distance married couple. We're officially no longer an active duty army couple. He's home, and I'm happy. Although sometimes it feels like we're on a roller coaster of emotions as I feel nervous around him in one second, and over-joyed in another, but also kind of feel like the rug is going to be ripped out from underneath me and that they'll call him back any second to North Carolina. With all of the distance we have a lot of re-settling to do with one another. But it's what we've been waiting for. We get the keys to our new apartment on Monday, it's nearing the end of November and Thanksgiving, and everything feels right. This end of the year is bringing so many things to be grateful for. 

My next few weeks are going to be one big whirlwind as I work hard to finish out my semester strong, get myself moved into a new apartment, work Thanksgiving night and Black Friday, and try and soak up all the little moments with my husband. But this is life, and its these things that make everything else okay. 

I Need A Staycation

Monday, November 09, 2015

I usually feel refreshed on a Monday but lately they've been making me so tired. Recently my schedule has been a mix of school Monday-Thursday, working Friday-Sunday and a whole lot of apartment and life planning thrown in between. I definitely took the lazy summer that I had for granted and I'm wishing for a little rewind back to August or better yet a fast forward into December so I can just have a few hours to relax. Lately I've been finding myself scrolling through the pages of Airbnb daydreaming of escaping to some faraway land. Okay, that sounds a little fairytale-ish but I'd even settle for a weekend trip to the mountains or a drive down the coast to somewhere a little warmer (did I mention we dropped down into the low 60's this week? hello, I am freezing!) Anyway, I can't really afford anytime for an impromptu getaway. But in two weeks I will be moving into my new apartment and once I get settled you can bet i'll be hosting as many staycations as I can manage with my man before he's off for more military training. If you're having the same problem as me, here are some perfect at home solutions that you can do alone or with that special someone in your life.

Choose a recipe, anything you've been dying to make and just make it. Lately I've gotten the cooking bug, and cooking by yourself or with someone else can be so therapeutic and romantic. Choose a recipe like this sleeptime stew, go to the grocery store and buy all of your ingredients and a bottle of wine, play some music and spend all night cooking, eating, drinking and talking.

Movie night in. This one is self-explanitory. Grab a few of your favorite movies, hit the 99 cent store and pick up some of your favorite candy, throw in some comfy blankets and you're good to go. This one might be better as a solo activity if your movie tastes are anything like mine, Shirley MacLaine marathon, anyone?

At home spa day. Not everyone can afford to hit the trendiest spa in their city, I know I can't. But being from LA I feel like I'm constantly bombarded with pictures of people's adventures to the four seasons, and other local hot spots. As much as I wish I could join in, I think this time around i'll have to settle for an at home spa day. This ones simple too, make yourself some fruity water. Buy some bath salts, and throw on your robe. Spend all day soaking up whatever makes you most relaxed. Bonus points if you buy some cucumbers for resting on your eyes like in all the movies. 

Take a book-cation. This one is so easy in my house because we seem to literally have books on every surface. If you're not over-crowded like us, this is still easy and its the key to a relaxing but fun day in. Hit your local library for some free books, go home and make a blanket fort and stay under the covers all day while you adventure from story to story, you won't even feel like you're at home at all. 

Whatever you choose to do it should leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on another busy week. 

Hello November

Monday, November 02, 2015

And just like that Halloween weekend is over and we're headed into the most magical time of the year. Well, some parts of it anyway. I just spent my entire morning at work helping to prep the store for the holidays. We had to change out all of our mannequins, table displays, cabinets, and put up new decor like pretty wrapped boxes to bring in the holiday spirit. It left me exhausted because I was running back and forth with a giant ladder and I got stuck going up and down so many times. but it was so pretty in the end and definitely worth it. Plus I rewarded myself with my first Starbucks red cup of the season, which made it even better. 

Anyway, I love November. I love the reminder that Thanksgiving brings, and I love how close we are getting to Christmas. This November is bringing with it so much good. Daniel will be heading home in two weeks and that alone is cause for major celebration. To make the month even better I want to fill it with a few of my favorite things, here's how I'm hoping to spend November. 

I want to eat...

This crock-pot beef stew from, Gonna Want Seconds

and this slow cooker caramel apple crumble from, Fake Ginger. Yum!

I want to read...

Devil in the White City: by Erik Larson

In a Dark, Dark Wood: by Ruth Ware

I want to wear...

This Fuzzy Geo Print Sweater from Express 

and these Metal Toe Flats from Zara

I want to drink...

Honey crisp Apple Sangria from, Sally's Baking Addiction 

and these Apple Cider Mimosas from, The Cookie Rookie 

What do you want to do this November?

Last Minute Couples Costumes

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Daniel and I haven't spent a Halloween together for the past two years, but whenever I start thinking about next year I always try to think of costumes that would be fun to create when we finally get to celebrate the holiday together. I did a little Pinterest search and found some really fun, easy costumes that you can probably make with things you already have in your house. Here's what I came up with. 

Magician//Rabbit: How cute is this? And easy! Really the only thing you may not already have is the magicians top hat or the bunny ears, but it's all easy to find or make with something you already have at home. 

via - say yes

Mary Poppins: A white button up shirt, a black skirt and an umbrella and you're pretty much set for a Mary Poppins style costume. The guys part of this outfit is so easy too.

via - keiko lynn

Bandits: A couple of stripped shirts, some black pants and a couple beanies and you're ready to go for this easy bandit costume.

via - say yes

Lightning//Struck by Lightning: This one would definitely take a little more work to put together but it was just so cute and creative that I couldn't help but post it. 

Got any more fun ideas? Share in the comments below! 

Weekend in Review

Monday, October 26, 2015

This weekend went by in a blur. It was so busy in the best way possible. Friday night I went to dinner with my parents to Olive Garden. I am all about that unlimited soup and salad. Saturday was filled with apartment hunting. We started at ten and ended around one in the afternoon. We saw three different complexes and it was a little like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. The first complex was not good, the second one was a little bit better and the third one was perfect.

And there you see my new kitchen, isn't it pretty? Daniel and I will be moving in a month from now and I couldn't be more thrilled to have found the perfect place for us. After apartment hunting I spent the evening at work. Sunday morning I did a little more errand running, including picking up glue and pumpkins for some fall decorating. I ended up working an extra hour at night though and by the time I got home, my pumpkin decorating skills went way down, along with my energy. 

So this was all I could come up with, a weird ombre-ish glittered pumpkin. I also ordered some pizza and watched Hocus Pocus and some episodes of Goosebumps with my sister. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty great weekend and I feel like I'm ready to jump into this week. 

How was your weekend?

Putting My Morning In Perspective

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This morning started off like any other. I woke up at around 5:45 and my dad and I left around 6:15 to head on our normal trip to school. We usually have around an hour and a half commute, which four times a week starts to drag after awhile. About 45 minutes into our normal drive, all traffic came to a complete stop. We looked on the GPS to see that an accident had happened and both of us became quickly frustrated about the fact that I would be late for school and he would be late for work. Neither of us had the time to be late, and both of our attitudes visibly changed about our day. 

Thirty more minutes pass and we find out that they've closed the road were on, the only other option is to turn around and head back the other way. That's another 30-45 minutes to just get back to the freeway, not to mention getting on that for the rest of the two hour drive that it would definitely take to finally make it to school. 

And then the radio mentions the accident, stating that there was a fatality and that there was no telling how long it would take for the road to open again. I instantly felt guilty for the way my attitude had changed. Was I frustrated by the traffic? Of course. But someone out there, a son or daughter or mother or friend, was about to be having one of the worst days of their lives. How could I possibly think that my being inconvenienced by this traffic was more important then the life that was lost out on the road? 

Sometimes it takes something like this to put your mind back into perspective, don't ignore it. If you get stuck in traffic, or spill coffee on yourself (which I did when I got back home after the traffic) or any other small and insignificant thing happens to you that puts you in a bad mood, try your hardest to put your life into perspective because chances are you probably have it pretty good. 

Wednesday's Are Weird

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is it a coincidence that only a little over a week ago I posted all the ways in which Rory Gilmore represented my life, and now there's talk of a Gilmore Girls reunion? I think not. The Netflix rumor god's have spoken and may be shining down on us with a little mini-series to wrap up the very unwrapped ending that we were left with in the beloved show. Did Rory ever end up with Logan, or Jess, or Dean (please, not Dean). Did Lorelai and Luke ever make it work? Did neither of them end up with anyone and instead chose to stay the two strong independent women they've been from the shows beginning? These are the questions that haunt us, and world may finally receive some much needed answers. At least we know Ellen's on board.

In other less important news by any standards, I'm all finished with midterms. That means that we can maybe get back to some semblance of normalcy around here. Does that mean actual, real life posts? Definitely not today, maybe tomorrow, at least its a start.

I hope you're all doing wonderful, fall related stuff this October with lots of instagraming, pumpkin spice drinking, and 13 nights of halloween movie watching. I'll be over here counting down the days until the Gilmore Girl's mini-series is confirmed, and using Halloween as an excuse to consume any and all candy that enters my house.

Happy Wednesday, get weird.

Thankful Thursday: Week 5 & 6

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Can you believe it? We are officially only six Thursday's away from Thanksgiving, how crazy is that? Last week got away from me and I didn't get to share anything for thankful Thursday. So today here we are at around two in the afternoon and I almost missed it again. Things get busy sometimes and that's alright. Today I'm thankful for my busiest school week for awhile being done and over with. I do have a couple more tests on Tuesday but only one is a midterm. Although I still have some studying to do it's not as stressful as this week was. 

The second thing I'm thankful for is birthday weeks! Yesterday I came home to a fall themed birthday care package from Daniel. It was filled with a comfy sweater, a fall candle, instant pumpkin spice latte mix, reeses and fall themed movies. Basically heaven in a box for this time of year. I'm lucky to have such a thoughtful husband in my life. 

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you're thankful for something today. 

All The Happy Things #2

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A few months back I wrote this post about all the things that make me happy at any given time. Then this morning I woke up to an instagram post where someone mentioned it being National Dessert Day. I was still lying in bed at the time but I was already thinking about how happy I was to have an excuse to eat some leftover French Silk birthday pie for breakfast (not that I necessarily needed an excuse, but it was nice to have one). I thought I'd continue the good feeling of my morning by sharing some other things that make me happy.

+ ordering something online and then forgetting about it till it shows up at the door

+ knowing that there's a long weekend after I finish midterm today

+ counting down one more month until Daniel comes home for good

+ trying a new recipe that ends up turning out great, this week I tried Taralynn's Supreme Quiche and it was delicious

+ going to the library and leaving with a pile of books

+ starting the search for a new apartment, theres something so exciting about new beginnings 

+ birthday weeks 

+ conversations about graduation, May 9th, are you there yet?

+ knowing that ABC Family starts 13 Nights of Halloween in 5 days

+ having friends come visit, my best friend will be here tomorrow night for a long weekend and I couldn't be more excited

What's making you happy today?

Another Year Older

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Today is the start of my 23rd year. Not a special year in the grand scheme of things, but another year that brings with it so much that I can't even comprehend yet. Each year I learn so much and go through so many changes that make me the person I am now. Today I'm stuck taking midterms and finishing out the first half of my semester, but tonight I'll be relaxing with a home cooked dinner with my family, followed by a little un*wine*ding (see what I did there?) 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Celebrate today like it's your birthday as well! 

My Life As Told By Rory Gilmore

Monday, October 12, 2015

Remember that time like a week ago when I was able to blog every day? I officially do not have that time anymore, as of now. At least temporarily anyway. This weekend I started a new job, and used every waking hour in between to try and prep for my seemingly impossible midterms this week. Needless to say I'm exhausted and couldn't manage any actual posts so here is my current outlook on life in the form of Rory Gilmore-isms, you're welcome. 

Tuesday is the start of my midterms, I also have one on Wednesday, and two on the following Tuesday. Is college over yet?

Throw in a little work and that explains my weekend perfectly

Who has time to eat normal meals? Not this girl, fast food and donuts all the way, not that I'm complaining

These past few days have seemed like a battle between sleeping and being productive, and when I let myself get sleep,  I usually feel guilty

The one true love of my life, I can always count on coffee to keep me going

Pretty much sums it all up, does life come with a fast forward button?

That's all I've got for you today folks, I hope your week is calmer than mine

Chilly Day Comfort Food

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

When I think of my favorite thing to eat in the Fall, I always think of soup. Although I would probably eat it every single day, even in the Summer, there's something about the idea of coming home after a chilly Fall day to a big bowl of hot soup. Anybody with me on that? I've been searching the wide world of Pinterest for the perfect soup recipes that I'm hoping to try this season, here's what I've found so far.

Cookie Monster Cooking: Crockpot French Onion Soup
This one gets double points because its a crockpot recipe. I love French Onion soup but I am incredibly picky about mine. I don't like soggy bread, so I pretty much skip the bread/crouton part all together. I also only like certain types of cheese so for French Onion I usually stick to Provolone. Once we get past all my weird specifications I usually end up with a pretty good soup. If you're not as picky as me, then follow the instructions for this recipe because it looks pretty delicious. 

Simply Taralynn: Chicken and Veggie Soup
I love recipes like this because you can choose any veggies you like. It's so simple, the most difficult part being just waiting for the soup to finish up so you can eat it! Throw in some seasonings, so veggies, and shredded chicken and you have the perfect Fall soup. 

Another crockpot recipe, another win win. This soup brings easy ingredients together to create something comforting and delicious. I can't wait to try it. 

Little Spice Jar: Roasted Garlic Potato Soup
This is a recipe that I have already tried, and it was delicious. The only thing I struggled with was at the end it calls for you to put the potatoes through a food processor to blend up the soup with the garlic and cheese. All I had was a low-power blender and sort of created some mashed potatoes. In the end, I just kept the potatoes in chunks and it was still so good! 

Budget Bytes: Chicken Noodle Soup
One thing I love about budget bytes is that it shows you the exact cost of the recipes, and this one only costs 9.00 dollars to make. And with a recipe like this it comes with leftovers for days, yum! There's not much I like more then a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup. 

Surviving Midterms

Monday, October 05, 2015

Midterms are coming up in two weeks. And when you've had some problems with procrastination it can be a difficult thing to catch up. I do better under the pressure of knowing I have a deadline though, and I usually do my best studying right before the exams. This semester has to be a little different because next weekend I start my new job which will take up two prime studying days right before midterms. This weekend I used Saturday as my relaxation day. My dad and sister were at a baseball game so my mom and I made dinner and watched magic mike. That meant Sunday was my day to get down to studying. Some professors make it very difficult by choosing not to provide a study guide for midterms. I think its a little unfair, because its very unlikely that they're going to cover the material from the entire first half on the midterm. The teachers that do provide study guides at least give you a better idea of what to study. 

This semester I am most worried about my California history midterm. This is a class that does not receive any study guides, and the teacher has a reputation for making her exams very difficult. Our entire grade lies on a midterm, final and a 10 page paper. There's not a lot of room for error when that makes up your entire grade, so I have to be extra careful to study all of the details. 

I usually start my studying in a quiet place, if you're someone who likes a little background noise then I suggest putting on a movie or TV show that you've seen a hundred times so you won't be so easily distracted, for my study day yesterday I chose Jumanji. I lit a Vineyard candle from Bath and Body Works and got snuggled up under my new sweater blanket from Target. I also made myself a cup of chai tea. I like to study in a more comfortable space, although some people would rather be upright at a desk to help them focus better. 

First I try to determine which classes need the most study time. Like I said before, for me that class is History. I also need to set aside study time for English, Art History and Physical Science, and Disney (yep, thats a real class). The next thing I usually do is see which reading I still have to complete for each class, and whether or not there are other readings that I didn't fully understand. 

Lots of my reading for class is online, but if its not too many pages I prefer to print them out. Recently i've also been using my kindle a lot for my class reading. I think it's easier to focus if its something that you can read in your hand rather then on a computer screen, it also makes it easy to take with you if you aren't able to be at home. 

I make sure to pace myself so I don't get too overwhelmed. I try to read a few chapters at once, maybe to or three and then move onto another subject. This helps to avoid getting so bored by one subject that you stop retaining any information. 

This semester I have written exams as well as papers due, and of course they all fall on the same day. My biggest tip is just doing your best to stay organized, and trying different study techniques so you can see what works best for you. Notecards are a great thing. Even if you don't go over them, just the action of writing them out can be helpful to studying.

On the night before your midterms, make sure to get plenty of sleep. Eat something in the morning to jumpstart your day, and even if you can't remember everything that shows up on your midterm, chances are you'll remember a lot. 

Good luck! 

Thankful Thursday: Week Four

Thursday, October 01, 2015

This Thursday I'm thankful for Octobers, aren't you? 

This October brings another birthday.

This October brings us one month closer to Daniels homecoming.

This October brings all the pumpkin patches and hay rides.

This October brings cooler weather, we hope. 

This October brings scary movies and passing out candy on Halloween.

This October brings flannels and soft blankets and coziness. 

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall" 

What are you thankful for today?

Movies to Get You in the Fall Spirit

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall has been a very common theme around here on this blog lately, and I hope you aren't sick of it yet because it's only the end of September. That leaves a solid two more months to post about all the wonders that come with Fall. Last week I posted about TV shows that you should binge-watch during the Fall, but I thought I'd take it one step further by giving you some movie ideas as well, just in case you're an over-achiever like me and watch each show from the list in one day. Here are some of the movies that help put me in the Fall spirit. 

Hocus Pocus: Duh, because it's about Halloween. And it has Bette Midler, and it's usually about $10.00 at Target right around this time. So if you haven't picked up your copy yet, get to it. 

When Harry Met Sally: Really this one is good at any time. Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal and New York in the Fall. Talk about the perfect movie to curl up with a pumpkin drink and your favorite blanket. 

Remember The Titans: Fall and Football go hand in hand so any Football movie should really help get you in that Fall mood, trust me. 

Casper: Another Halloween-ish one, and worth watching. This always makes it on my Halloween movie marathon list because it's got the perfect spooky Victorian house and Fall atmosphere to help welcome in the season. 

Good Will Hunting: Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Boston, Fall. Just say yes. 

Practical Magic: One of my favorite Fall/Halloween movies. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play sisters & witches with cursed love lives. It's cheesy in the best ways and all around a great movie. 

What are some of your favorite Fall movies?

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