Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Okay to Not Fit Into Any One Category

I try to spend at least a half hour each morning reading blogs. I love them because if you know where to look, you can find something about anything you want to read. There are fashion blogs, food blogs, mom blogs, inspiration blogs, and pretty much everything in between.

My blog fits a little bit more into the everything in between category. I love writing here because there's no pressure to fit into any specific niche.

I've noticed that in a lot of blog posts that offer advice to other bloggers, one of the main points that continually comes up in way of growing your blog is the advice to find one thing that you can write about that will keep your readers coming back.

Since I've started blogging, I've always looked at this space a little differently.

Now, I am in no way what I would consider a "successful" blogger. I don't make money from my blog, I put in what others may consider minimal time in running my blog and it's not by any means a business. But when I do spend a little extra time creating content and sharing honest, upfront posts with you all, I absolutely notice an increase in readership and interactions with my posts.

Today for example, I want to write about blogging. Tomorrow maybe I'll share a recipe or give a few book recommendations. I haven't felt the need to narrow my blog down to any one specific category, because my life doesn't fit into any one category.

I write for the love of it and I'd rather share what means something to me, interesting or not, creative or not, because this space is a place where I feel like the best connections can be formed when there's a certain amount of honesty in each post.

I love taking a glimpse into the lives of other bloggers, don't we all? I think it helps me gain a certain amount of perspective, and when someone else's post helps me to change my mind about something or teaches me about something new, I feel a connection to that person through their words.

I'm okay with the fact that my blog doesn't fit into any one category, in fact, I hope it stays like that. I hope to some extent that I'll always focus on writing things that matter to me at the time and as I change, I expect those things to change as well.

As I continue to write, I hope you'll pop in from time to time and maybe on some level connect to something I've written. Whether it's a post about our soon-to-be newest addition, or believing in the unimaginable, I hope that you'll find something you can relate to. These are the little glimpses of my day-to-day that come together to make up my life, and just maybe you'll see a little bit of your own life reflected back to you.

Where do you stand? Do you prefer blogs that focus on one thing or a little bit of everything? Are there any kinds of posts you'd like to see more of? 
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fresh Starts and Reintroductions

I don't really need an excuse to buy a new planner, but I sure do love one. It's a Tuesday? Time for a new planner. The start of a new month? There's your chance. A a trip to Michael's to "just look around"? I dare you to try to leave without a new planner.

The start of Spring is just another one of those perfect excuses, and this year it just so happened to fall on a Monday which I took as the universe telling me it was time for a fresh start. I hopped on over to Michael's and purchased one of these Happy Planners and had the most productive day ever best time filling my new planner with all of the things that will lead me to more productive days in the future.

I like to keep things real around here and so now that I've gone on a two paragraph rant about my love for planners, I figured I could use the rest of this post to share a few other things about myself as a bit of a reintroduction.

So hi, I'm Abbey.

I am an incredible over-planner. Hence the entire point of this post. I'd rather have 17 planners that all say the same thing than risk possibly not being prepared for something.

I'm married to my best friend. His name is Daniel. He's an EMT, a full time student, and in the Army reserves. We've been married for four years this month and we've NEVER had a "normal" schedule. His goofy-ness balances out my seriousness and we make a really great team.

We're expecting our first baby in May. A little girl, that we've decided to name Kensington Grace. We're incredibly excited, nervous and at times overwhelmed. We can't wait for our newest little adventure to arrive.

My family runs a book publishing company. And I owe my love of reading to my parents.

I believe in fresh starts. On any day, at any time. I'm a firm believer that it's never too late to start new.

My absolute favorite movies are Disney classics. I just don't think I could ever stop loving them.

I absolutely love the holidays. My favorites include Christmas, Halloween and July 4th (in that order). I also like birthdays and anything else that gives me a reason to celebrate.

My diet could consist entirely of pasta, bread, and sushi and I'd be content to live out my life. Hello, carbs. And fish. I love you.

I'm generally a shy person. But this blog gives me the perfect excuse to meet new friends, and to share a little piece of myself that other people don't usually get to see.

So won't you introduce yourself? I'd love to come stop by your blog. 
Monday, March 20, 2017

You Can Do Hard Things

The closer I get to this whole having a baby thing, the more nervous I get about the actual having a baby part.

As nervous as I am to actually give birth (because lets be honest, we all know that it's no walk in the park), I'm much more nervous about the fact that it is going to become my sole responsibility in life to raise a tiny human into a fully-functiong adult. And that is just the slightest bit totally and completely scary.

There's a part of me that understands how absolutely rewarding all of this is going to be, but another part that also understands that this will probably be the most difficult, although completely wonderful, thing I'll ever do.

I've always been a believer that even in the most difficult times, life will never throw more at you than you can handle. And if it seems like it has, chances are you're probably one step closer to becoming the much stronger person you will be on the other side.

Of course there have been plenty of times in my life that I've absolutely felt like I've hit a wall, but looking back on most of them now I've realized that they've helped get me to where I am today, and for that I'm thankful.

If you're in a situation right now that is making you feel unsure, nervous, or like you might not come out on top, I'm here to remind you that you can do hard things. 

You can finish school. 

You can work towards your dream job.

You can live on your own, or you can live with someone else. 

You can make your marriage exactly what you want it to be. 

You can have a baby, and be the type of parent you've always known you could be.

You can do hard things.

Too often I think we miss out on opportunities because of the fear of not being able to overcome something difficult in our lives.

I hope that you'll start this week by taking a chance on something you've been hesitant about. Or move in the direction of being overall more comfortable about something you're eventually going to face head on. And that one day you'll look back on it and realize that maybe it wasn't as hard as you thought it would be, or that if it was, you were always strong enough to handle it.

You can do hard things. So pour yourself your second third cup of coffee and take on the world. 

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